Greetings from Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley & Co. and TRN Settlement Services!


Greetings from Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley and Co. and TRN Settlement Services! We hope you are having a pleasant and gratifying week!  As locally owned businesses and proud members of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce and South Sioux City Chamber of Commerce, we enjoy supporting Siouxland and our local economy by participating in community events and engaging in volunteer opportunities.

Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley and Co. offers abstracting and title services in order to guaranty clean title to the property you purchase and protect your property rights.  When the abstracting is finished, TRN Settlement Services takes care of the closing process to make sure your property purchase goes smoothly. The staff at TRN collaborates with all parties involved in the transaction to gather the necessary information, assemble the required documents needed to close on a home or to refinance an existing mortgage, and then present those documents for signing to each respective party.

Our Mission:  To provide our clients with accurate information and research to complete real estate transactions.  We will accomplish our mission through innovative solutions, systems, research, and people working together.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity: We will do what we say we will do. We must be honest and forthright in all of our dealings.
  • Innovation: We will find a better way of doing everything that we do every day.
  • Respect: We will treat every person with dignity and courtesy.
  • Orderliness and Timeliness: We will provide our services by means of a systematic process which enables us to deliver our finished product in the timeframe promised.
  • Accuracy: The foundation of our business is accurate information.
  • Confidentiality: The confidential information we work with is highly sensitive. The information is entrusted to us, and we will maintain its private nature at all times.
  • Team Work and Synergy: Our success depends on contributions and involvement by everyone.
  • Attitude: We will strive to maintain a positive frame of mind. Our positive attitude should be contagious!

Our two companies are able to work together seamlessly to support Siouxland real estate transactions in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  Both Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley and Co. and TRN Settlement Services are certified as compliant with the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices. This certification demonstrates that our offices provide a safe and secure transaction, which protects the consumer from fraud.  It is accomplished by continuous monitoring of seven pillars:

  • Proper Licenses to conduct title and settlement services as required in each state
  • Escrow Trust Account Controls with daily reconciliation
  • Security Programs and Procedures to protect non-public personal information
  • Settlement Procedures that comply with federal and state consumer laws
  • Timely Delivery of title policies
  • Maintenance of Professional Liability and Fidelity Coverage to stand behind the products and services we provide
  • Procedures for resolving consumer complaints

Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley and Co. and TRN Settlement Services are made up of friendly and knowledgeable Siouxlanders committed to responsive, accurate, and comprehensive service. You can count on us to provide the most reliable and responsive title insurance, abstracting, closing, and escrow services.  We are located in the heart of downtown within two blocks of each other.  Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley and Co. is located on the main floor of the Ho Chunk Centre and TRN Settlement Services is on the corner of 5th and Jackson streets.

For more information and to explore our service options, please contact Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley and Co. at 712-258-4503 or TRN Settlements Services at 712-224-2828. You can also email SBT & Co. at or TRN at

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Our Team:

TRN Settlement Services                                                              Sedgwick, Brennan, Talley & Co.

Tami Hansen                                                                                  Elda Raudales

Aimee Jellema                                                                               King James

Rojean Scott                                                                                  Debbie McNaughton

Lorrie Bohlmann                                                                            Bennett Snyder

Kim Davis                                                                                      Matt Mayer

Emily Hinnah                                                                                 John Sandman



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