Legislative Alert


On behalf of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce we would like to thank all who actively participated in the Legislative process this session by responding to our legislative alerts.

Now that the session has concluded, the Chamber would like to thank our local legislators for their assistance in passing the following pro-growth initiatives included in our 2009 Agenda:

Freight Rail Investment
The Legislature will commit $5 million over the next three years to improve rail lines in Iowa. This will service manufacturers in the state.

Targeted Jobs Withholding Tax Credit
This extends for three more years the Border City bill, an existing economic development tool.

Renewable Energy R & D Tax Credit (signed by Governor)
The bill dedicates $1 million in tax credits from the Values Fund.

Data Center Bill
This legislation allows smaller companies to take advantage of incentives similar to Google and Microsoft.

Historic Tax Credits
This legislation raises the cap on historic tax credits from $20 million to $50 million.

While these bills have all passed the legislature, not all have been signed by the Governor. Governor Culver has 30 days to sign the bills. Please contact him at 515.281.5211 or use the email link below and encourage him to sign these bills into law.

Governor Culver

If you would like to share your personal appreciation with our legislators, please contact them at the e-mail addresses provided below.

Local Legislators

Rep. Dan Huseman
Rep. Christopher Rants
Rep. Chuck Soderberg
Rep. Roger Wendt
Rep. Wes Whitead

Senator Randy Feenstra
Senator Steve Warnstadt
Senator Ron Wieck


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