New Green Coats Official-Flair Welcomed


green-jacket-copyThe next time you attend a ribbon cutting or open house, pay close attention to those unique individuals in all their green splendor. Wearing the green coats at Chamber events  is not a highly contagious fashion trend, but the intent of Ambassadors to extend welcome and support to members of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. Why are the coats green you may ask? Put simply, green is the color of money or economic development . Green is also represents physical growth and prosperity, all of which we are working for in the Sioux City Metro. Now what about the flair? Flair is not-so-technically defined as the pins or decorations adorning the Ambassadors’ coats. If you ask some of our experienced chamber Ambassadors about each of their pins, they can tell you stories regarding that business or Siouxland event. You can tell a lot about an Ambassadors by simply looking at what decorates their green coat.

As a part of the Ambassador process, new prospects have a 90 day introductory period where they get to see what it’s like being an Ambassador for the Siouxland Chamber. Once that time has passed and they feel like it is a good fit, they can officially stock up on flair and try on their green coat. Yesterday, four individuals completed their introductory period. The “official” new Ambassadors are now suited up and ready to represent the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. A huge THANK YOU to their employers, our Chamber Members, for allowing the Ambassadors time away from work in order to promote the growth of the Sioux City Metro Area. Please pass on your company pins and ribbons to our new ambassadors so they can add their own “flair” to their green coats. 


-Beth Trejo

Director of Investor Relations, Siouxland Chamber

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