Tailgate Party Change!!!


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Did you think we were going to cancel the big ISU v Kansas tailgate on account of a little weather?

No way!

We are moving it to Chesterfields and everything is on except for the isu 1bonfire. The game, beer, food, and live entertainment will still be showcased on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Order tickets or come on down and purchase the tickets for $15 dollars at the door and let’s keep this party going.

There will be televisions inside and outside on the Chesterfield patio and the bands will still be playing at there alotted time.

Can’t wait to see you there!

-Ian Banks, Social Media Intern

ISU Tailgate-The Bands


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Here is a quick rundown of the tailgate party for October 10, 2009, as well as some info on the bands!!

11:00a.m.-The party starts down at Historic 3rd & Virginia

11:30 a.m.– Kick Off of ISU v. Kansas gameiowa state

3:00 p.m.– Performance by The Kelly Quinn Band

5:00 p.m.-Performance by The Magnificent Board of Directors

7:30 p.m.-Bonfire

8:00 p.m.-Performance by Damon Dotson

11:00 p.m.– Party ends

The Kelly Quinn Band

kelly quinn band

The Kelly Quinn Band has recently been voted Siouxland’s Best Band.  These guys are all Sioux City natives and if you haven’t seen them play, you’re missing out. Their music includes renditions of Sublime, The Flies, Petty, Cash, Cure, Tootone, BHTodd, O.A.R., Hendrix, Doors, Nirvana, PJam, Ect.

The Magnificent Board of DirectorsThis band features local music teachers and veteran players, performing the hits of artists: Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, The Blues Brothers, Chicago, and classic hits from the 60’s and 70’s.

Members of the band have performed with prominent national acts such as The Temptations, Molly Hatchet , Kansas and Foghat to name a few. The band was inducted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

Damon Dotson is from Okoboji, Iowa and came upon the Midwest music scene in 2003.  Starting his way from the bottom and working just about any event thrown his way, Damon has become a star in the Midwest.

His voice is reminiscent of Dave Matthews & Coldplay and is sure to give crowds a great show wherever he plays.   He has played in many different venues, such as: Minneapolis, MN, Mankato, MN, Okoboji, IA, Lincoln, Ne, Chicago, Illinois, Iowa City, IA and many more.


I hope that gives you a little more info. on the fun-filled weekend going on down on Historic 3rd Street.  Come on down and enjoy some good food & drinks, football, bonfire and live entertainment.  We can’t wait to get this party started!!!

-Remember there is a $15 admission and the proceeds go to benefit the ISU Design West Studio here in Siouxland.  To purchase tickets early follow the link.. http://www.siouxlandchamber.com/isu-tailgate-party.html

-Ian Banks, Social Media Intern

Positively Siouxland


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This week’s Positively Siouxland features Chris McGowan from the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce.  Chris is talking about an event that we hope you will come out and attend.  Click the play button below to hear what he is talking about!

siouxland cham

Get out the Vote!


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Sioux City voters will vote for three candidates for the City Council in Tuesday’s primary election. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in 28 city precincts.

These precincts include:

-Heartland Community Church, 3601 Country Club Blvd.ballot

-Central Assembly of God, 2300 W. 19th St.

-West Middle School, 3301 W. 19th St.

-Emerson School, 2410 W. First St.

-Riverside School, 2303 Riverside Blvd.

-Faith Lutheran Church, 3101 Hamilton Blvd.

-Crescent Park School, 1114 W. 27th St.

-Mount Zion Baptist Church, 1421 Gene, a St.

-Lincoln School, 115 Midvale

-Clark School, 4315 Hamilton Blvd. (plus Plymouth County residents)

-Lamb Productions, 417 Market St.

-Boys and Girls Home, 2101 Court St.

-Sioux City Transit System, 2505 Fourth St. (Plus Concord Township residents)

-Boys and Girls Home, 2101 Court St.

-Unity School, 1901 Unity Ave.

-Trimble United Methodist Church, 1424 27th St.

-Bryant School, 821 30th St.

-Calvary Lutheran Church, 4410 Central St.

-North Middle School , 2101 Outer Drive North

-Nodland School, 5000 Mayhew Ave.

-Washington Heights Chapel, 2600 S. St. Mary’s St.

-Morningside Branch Library, 4005 Morningside Ave.

-Community Action Agency of Siouxland, 2700 Leech Ave.

-Morningside Lutheran Church, 700 S. Martha St.

-Eppley Auditorium, 3625 Garretson Ave.

-East Middle School, 5401 Lorraine Ave. (Plus Woodbury Township residents)

-St. James United Methodist Church, 2032 S. Cypress St.

-Irving School, 901 Floyd Blvd.

Monday Morale


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Happy Monday Siouxland!

We hope you had an excellent weekend filled with family, rest, football maybe a little Oktoberfest, and now you are geared up for the work week.

In business, its important to get the word out about your product or service. Finding a catchy headline is half the battle.  The article has to grab the readers attention to make them thirst after more.

As you will see sometimes the head lines don’t always go as planned…dwight

-Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge

-Killer Sentenced to Die for Second Time in 10 Years

-War Dims Hope for Peace

-Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half

-Reagan Wins on Budget, But More Lies Ahead

-Teacher Strikes Idle Kids

-Shot Off Woman’s Leg Helps Nicklaus to 66

-Enraged Cow Injures Farmer with Ax

Ian Banks, Social Media Intern

TRI-State Triathlon


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Good morning sports’ fans!

I may have made the worst or best decision of my life in the past couple weeks…

I decided I would enter the Tri-State Tri!

Besides being out of shape, I am an absolutely horrid swimmer who creates a swimminglot of waves, looks like I am going in light speed, but yet not moving.  Hopefully, a carnage report won’t have to be filed, but if it is I will save a draft in the form of a social media application at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce for a replacement on Monday.

Anyways, now to the event…

Tomorrow is the Norm Waitt Sr. Siouxland YMCA first annual Tri-State Tri.  This event features a 400 yard swim, a 15 mile bike run and a 3.1 mile run.  The first heat’s start at 9:00 a.m. starting with the 400 swim in the YMCA’s twenty five yard pool.  The event then hits the bike trail and road race followed by the three plus mile run.

I am going to need every amount of energy in me to finish this thing, so if you are out about tomorrow and you see us running look for me and give me a shout of moral support….I’ll need it.  I will try to tweet on the Siouxland Chamber’s twitter page and give you an update prior and post race.

All in all, it should be a fantastic event held by the Siouxland Y and hopefully it’s a beautiful day and all contestants and spectators enjoy a fun event.

Ian Banks, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce


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On Tuesday, September 29th, in the lower board room at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce businessmen and women alike gathered together to test their networking skills in the form of speed dating with a twist…SPEED NETWORKING.

Siouxland’s greatest intern (me) was privileged to participate .  The twenty-four networking enthusiasts came from all different professional careers and leadership. From company presidents, insurance agents, and small business owners, to professional staffing, advertising, and social media interns the vareity of businesses represented made for a great atmosphere.

Speed Networking in action

Speed Networking in action

If you’re sitting around your PC or laptop or viewing this on your hand-held and wondering what speed networking is?

Don’t worry I will fill you in.

Each person has another individual who is lined up across from them and they receive two minutes to discuss the topic presented on a power point.  These questions ranged from do you travel for your job?  What is the best part about your job?  What are you passionate about outside your job?

Once the allotted two minutes is up, the inside or outside row gets up and moves on to the next person.

Here are some things that I learned from our Speed Networking from observation and listening to others…

-Wear a name tag–  I didn’t because I got asked to fill in at such a short notice.  Keith Dent, from Shelter Insurance Companies said it best, “I always want to wear a name tag because if I don’t instead of listening to me, the listener will be trying to remember my name the whole time.”

-Strong first impression– Be cordial, confident and friendly.

-Be a better listener– For me, I tried to do more listening than I did talking and I was not always successful.  In my personal life, I find that the people who I find favorable are not the one’s I hear talking all the time.  They are excellent listeners and listening for them is an art it seems.  I firmly believe that if you perfect active listening, it is the most beneficial thing in networking.

Business cards- Business cards are crucial, because even though you made a great connection with someone it may go to waste if you can’t contact them!

Discuss what your job does, not what you do– Instead of discussing matters intrinsic and clerical, describe how what you do benefits someone else and how it provides a service for them.

All in all, the event was great & we want to thank everyone for coming out and participating in this month’s Business Roundtable.  We encourage everyone to get involved with the roundtable in the months to come and we look forward to seeing you.

Ian Banks, Social Media Intern

ISU Tailgate Party!


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O we will fight, fight, fight for Iowa State,
And may her colors ever fly.
Yes, we will fight with might for Iowa State,
With a will to do or die,
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Loyal sons forever true,
And we will fight the battle through.
And when we hit that line we’ll hit it hard ev’ry yard for I. S. U.

On Saturday October 10, 2009 we’re going to be tailgatin’ down on Historic Third Street and Virginia, in Sioux City Iowa.  This will be a special 12-hour (that’s half a day :)) event filled with the big game, three local bands, a BEER tent, and a bonfire.

Wait a minute, hold up….I forgot to mention who is playing ISU!
The Kansas Jayhawks will be hosting the ISU Cyclones, so instead of traveling to the game come on down to 3rd Street and watch the game.  KU fans are welcome, but they will have to pay double the price. (just kidding)
The day kicks off at noon and will run all the way until midnight with non-stop entertainment from start to finish.  The cost is only $15 and that includes the entertainment, but the food/drinks are separate.
Stay tuned to the Siouxland Chamber blog for all the updates on this event.  In the days leading up to the game we will be showcasing the bands and providing more information.
To purchase tickets online for this event, go to: http://www.siouxlandchamber.com/isu-tailgate-party.html
-Ian Banks, Social Media Intern

Positively Siouxland


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This week’s Positively Siouxland features Chris Mcgowan talking about one of the area’s best businessmen.  This man received the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurial Award for 2009.  Listen to the link and find out who this local celebrity is…

siouxland cham

Positively Siouxland Entrepreneurial Award!!!

Ian Banks, Social Media Intern

Marketing Monday!!!


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Good afternoon Siouxland!

Hopefully everyone got their football fill this weekend.  If you didn’t check the scores we’re looking out for ya…

UNI at Missouri State (Panthers Win!) 35-7

Iowa running back Brandon Wegher flips over Penn State defenders (picture courtesy AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Iowa running back Brandon Wegher flips over Penn State defenders (picture courtesy AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Iowa at Penn State (Hawkeyes Win!) 21-10

Iowa State v Army (Cyclones Win!) 31-10

Drake at USD (Coyotes Win!) 51-21

Nebraska v. Louisiana Lafayette (Huskers Win!) 55-0

Morningside (Bye Week)

Briar Cliff @ Midland Lutheran 14-21

Without further ado here is your Marketing Monday Siouxland!

1. Give people something for free and they will feel obligated to return the favor.

Giving customers something for free lets them know that you care about them enough to give them something and they didn’t even have to do business with you.  In most cases, they will feel obligated to buy something or leave with a good feeling towards your business.

2. Give potential customers a taste of your offerings

This is all about standing by your product.  You shouldn’t be trying to fool anyone with your product.  What’s it going to hurt to give them a little taste?

3. Make it “Extra Special”

-Make everything you do something “extra special” and clients will take notice. Not only will they come back for more, they’ll tell their friends.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your “Neighbors” (Network!)

If you can sell to your friends or your neighbors then you can sell to anyone.  Start networking with those around you and then venture out and build relationships.

5. Do What You Need to Do to Be Seen

A great product or service needs to be advertised.  It is never going to sell if you don’t market it.

6. Be Persistent

Resilience is key.  Managing or owning a business is not for the faint of heart.  Be persistent with frequent retention with your customers and never never give up!

7. Build Anticipation

If you’re starting a business let the community know your coming before you get there.  If your bringing out a new product, build anticipation early and let the customers know how it’s going to benefit them.

8. Find Good Partners

Center yourself around people that want you to succeed and then return the favor.

9. Advertise Your Popularity

Let the community know your business is popular.  People want to feel like they are part of something and if someone else has something that everyone else loves then they are going to want to try it too.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them at the bottom…We love to hear from you out there in cyberspace.

-Ian Banks, Social Media Intern