Working Hard to Better the Community


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Many of my friends and family ask me “What exactly do you do at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce?” My short answer is typically that I work with Chamber members to help grow their businesses. The long answer is much more complicated than that. When I go out meeting with businesses, I try to find ways the Chamber can help  promote or gain awareness for their business. Today I met with one of our members and when I asked how we could help, it was clear. The Crittenton Center does a huge amount of good for the community and with all the programs and services offered there, it is important the Chamber gets the word out about why they are so important to the community.

Stella Sandford Child Center

I had a chance to take a tour  of several of the facilities operated by the Crittenton Center. One of which was the Stella Sandford Child Development Center. This center is a collaboration of several  programs committed to increasing access to early childhood education. They offer programs such as the West High Infant Center, preschool & childcare. However to me one of the most significant things they do is offer a place for children of all socio-economic backgrounds, race and cultures to interact, learn and develop together.

I also toured the Westside Resource Center which offers a multitude of  community resources from car seat safety to parenting classes. After speaking to their director, I learned that 92% of those that utilize the resource center make less than $20,000 a year with 76% of those making less than $10,000 annually. Trying to visualize living on $10,000 a year seems personally overwhelming. However, its comforting to know that like so many nonprofits in our community,  people are out there working hard to better Siouxland.

-Beth Trejo, Director of Investor Relations-Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

Low Unemployment in Sioux City is Great Timing for Graduating Students


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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this time last year unemployment rates were higher for the month of February than this past February. Now I know that low unemployment rates are always good, but Sioux City’s low rates are amongst the top for the nation. Out of 372 metropolitan areas, only twenty cities have less unemployment than Sioux City. Sioux City has a low rate of 5.0 percent unemployment where as fourteen areas recorded jobless rates of at least 15.0 percent.

This article may not touch home for everyone, but from my personal opinion low unemployment rates are very important to me. I’m currently a senior at Morningside College patiently waiting to graduate this May. With all the talk of people being laid off, or the job market narrowing by the day, statistics like this can make a “kid” feel a little bit better about where he is at. Every college student dreams of landing a job right after graduation, and with lower unemployment numbers that dream could be a little easier. Because of Sioux City’s  job market, students who are looking to find a job have numerous options after graduation. Also, Sioux City has been focusing on turning the historical area downtown into more living and work space which increases the amount of jobs within the city as well as makes it a great place for a new graduate to live.  This is also helping lower the unemployment rates, which is encouraging to college students, as well as everyone.  Sioux City is making efforts to ensure that there are employment options for its citizens.

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-Zach the Intern

Golf Classic Commercial Shoot


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It’s a good thing goosebumps don’t show on camera..

We picked today to film the commercial for the 17th Annual Golf Classic thinking it would be a bright sunny day, perfect for an outdoor commercial. We were wrong about the sunny weather, but right about the television personalities. Both Larry and Cindy our 2009 Golf Classic Chairs did a great job with the commercial despite the chilly weather.

A special thanks to KCAU for taping the commercial and guiding us along the way. Can’t wait to see everyone on the course, Monday June 22nd at the Chamber Golf Classic!

Siouxland Chamber Golf Classic Commercial Shoot 4.9.09.jpgSiouxland Chamber Golf Classic Commercial Shoot 4.9.09.jpgSiouxland Chamber Golf Classic Commercial Shoot 4.9.09.jpg


Beth Trejo

Director of Investor Relations, Siouxland Chamber

We’re Happier than You :)


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According to the new Happiness Index, from, Nebraskans are the most cheery of us all. Why did the Cornhusker State rank the highest on the national happiness scale? Overall, it ranked 2nd in lowest number foreclusures, 2nd in lowest unemployment rates and 5th in lowest percentage of non-mortgage debt by income. The Happiness Index factors in these variables to determine which states are doing the best in this time of economic distress. The midwest came out on top. Locally, Nebraska was number 1 while Iowa ranked 2nd and South Dakota ranked 8th overall. is a business and financial news and advice website. They plan on updating the Happiness Index monthy. Can Nebraska stay on top with its corn production economy or will the ill-fated talk of ethanol play out and effect the state? In the meantime, rejoice with the midwest and check out the Happiness Index for yourself at

-Alicia the intern

Just the Other Intern.


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Hi. I’m Alicia and I’m also a social media intern at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. I’m excited to have the blog up and running. Hopefully we can turn it into a really useful tool for the chamber. I’m currently a junior at Morningside College here in Sioux City. I’m a biology major, mass communications minor and I write for and edit the school newspaper. Welcome to the Siouxland Chamber’s new blog!


Another Siouxland Site Receives Certification!


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We just sent out a press release that announced the certification by CH2MHill of an 80 acre site in Roth Industrial Park in South Sioux City, NE. This certification allows us to aggressively market the site as “shovel ready.”  What this means is that the site is ready to build on by any company looking to expand in Siouxland. To get certified, the site must meet numerous qualifications that ensure the site is ready to go. We are excited about this announcement because this site is the third site in Sioux City Metro that has received certification. Each of the three states in the metro now have a certified site, giving us maximum flexibility in what we can offer expanding companies.

Press Release

-Joseph Wright, J.D.

Vice President-Technology Transfer

The Siouxland Initiative


Just An Intern.


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My name is Zach, I am one of the Social Media Interns for the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. I work here helping promote the growth and development of the Siouxland Area through the web 2.0 social networks.  I am currently a Student at Morningside College and will graduate in May of this year.  My goal is to have the blog be a great place for discussions, question and answer, or maybe just informational reading. Any great topics or questions and I will be ready to talk.


Siouxland Video


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Check out our “Siouxland” video.  Discover what the Siouxland area has to offer.  The video features recreation, education, dining, sports, and attractions.

-Zach the intern

Our New Blog


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The Siouxland Chamber of Commerce is excited to start blogging! The goal of our blog is to stay connected. We believe in the power of the internet to help businesses grow in the Siouxland area. We want to expand our traditional networking environment by continuing the conversation online. What a better way to start than by blogging? We intend to blog about chamber events but more importantly about what’s going on with our own chamber members! By blogging, we’ll have the opportunity to build and strenghten business connections. We hope our members can also utilize our blog for promotional opportunities through testimonials as well as reports on services, products and events. Welcome to our new blog!

-Alicia the intern