Siouxland Retains Top Spot! Siouxland Ranks First in the Nation for Economic Development


SIOUX CITY – For the sixth time in the last decade, the Siouxland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
ranks first in the nation in its population category for economic development, according to results released today by the Managing Editor of Site Selection magazine.  The Sioux City MSA was also recognized as the top community for populations under 200,000 in 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2015.  The Siouxland metro ranked second in both 2009 and 2014 and finished third in 2006.  The metro region has ranked in the top three nationally in its population category in a remarkable nine of the last eleven years.

In a prepared statement, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Siouxland Initiative (TSI), Skip

Perley, who serves as President and CEO of Thompson Electric / TEC Corp., said, “Siouxland’s consistent performance over the last decade is a tribute to the many public and private sector leaders who continue to emphasize economic growth and regional cooperation in the tri-state area.  This year’s rankings serve as confirmation that our local economy is strong and remains attractive to outside investors.”  Perley added, “The Siouxland region is grateful to the many companies who choose to call this community home and is proud to receive this prestigious recognition from Site Selection magazine.”

The Siouxland MSA ranked first in the nation for the 2016 calendar year based on the number of qualified economic development projects for communities with populations between 50,000 and 200,000 people.

“Siouxland’s perennial high ranking speaks to a confluence of factors including its multi-state geographic location, and its strong population of companies at the intersection of agriculture and food processing,” said Adam Bruns, Managing Editor of Site Selection.  “Most of all, you get the sense the companies who keep re-investing in the area don’t just find it business-friendly, they find it friendly, period.”

TSI Board member, Charese Yanney, who serves as the Managing Partner of the Guarantee Roofing & Siding Company, introduced Mr. Bruns at the press conference and thanked him for traveling from suburban Atlanta, Georgia to present the award.  Yanney also congratulated the elected leadership of the communities and counties who collectively contributed to Siouxland’s success, presenting each with an inscribed award commemorating the national recognition.


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