A special way of helping Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking (SCAHT)


The Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking (SCAHT) is a local non-profit whose mission is to work toward abolishing all forms of human trafficking through education, collaboration, and advocacy. We are an all-volunteer organization, and are blessed with many active and supportive contributors.  We would like to tell you about one of these people and her special way of helping SCAHT.

Karina Fast is a local real estate agent who uses the slogan, “Sell Houses, Save Humans.”  The idea was born while Karina sat in a strategic marketing class.  They were discussing how to improve the sustainability of non-profit organizations by having them partner with outside businesses.  As Karina began to think about how to develop her real estate business, she thought of organizations that she could partner with that shared similar goals. That is when she connected with Linda Holub, Co-Chair of SCAHT.


From a business perspective, Fast assessed what she could offer the organization: website views from her website, paid advertising with both her real estate business and SCAHT events mentioned, and blog posts to promote awareness. With each house that she sells, she has committed to contribute $100 to SCAHT.  She values safe, thriving communities as does SCAHT and desires to work together toward this common goal.  She would love it if other agents would join her in this effort.

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