Startup Write-up: Gnarly Pepper® + LOVOTO LLC


Two businesses, one woman, many goals.

Innovation Market, two time winner, Sara Gotch has a great outlook for LOVOTO LLC (2nd place IM 2013) and Gnarly Pepper (1st place IM 2017) in this 2018 year!

In the past, LOVOTO LLC has marked its brand as a digital scrapbooking company, bringing old printed photos into the digital world, with a side of videography and freelance graphic design. Today, LOVOTO LLC is shifting its direction into a creative design company (graphic design + social media + website design + videography)*.  Sara has worked with companies such as: Lieber Construction, White Lake Hunting Lodge and Elite Dentistry.

Moreover, Gnarly Pepper, a custom spice blend company that pairs with plain greek yogurt has reached many goals through its first year of business. Starting out with larger, value-sized packaging to tear packets, has allowed Sara to reach more customers on a larger scale. Gnarly Pepper, though a food company, strives to make the world a better place. Sara and her fiancé, Zach, have been traveling the US. From coast-to-coast, Sara has tapped into her brand more and more about a few things other than it being the healthier option.  Gnarly Pepper is providing less waste, teaching the ‘free the guilt’ mentality and hitting markets like: gluten free, vegan friendly & Non GMO. In reference to ‘creating less waste’ it’s the understanding that one would by a large tub of plain greek yogurt and mix and use the blends as needed. No more extra containers, bottles etc. in your fridge. Gnarly Pepper hopes to expand its flavor options soon. Flavors right now include: Veggie Dip, Onion Dip & Like Mayo (< a great mayo/miracle whip alternative for chicken salad, pasta salad and more) — The Veggie and Onion blends are very versatile with its uses: canning, marinating, hummus and more.

The Gnarly Pepper tear packets pair easily with the 5.3 oz cups of plain greek yogurt. A great way to stay healthy for lunch, snacking and even dinner.  Many people view greek yogurt as a breakfast item, but Gnarly Pepper is hitting your salty, savory taste buds — making it an everyday versatile item.

Within this Startup Write-up, Sara would like many business leaders, community staff and others to see her as an innovator. Sara claims to have 60+ ideas in her iPhone notepad waiting to be unleashed. Not all of them great ideas of course, but who would have thought fidget spinners would have trended like they did?  Sara is seeking investors and like-minded people to reach out to her to build brands and startups. No idea is a bad one, until it is tested.  Sara attended Venture School in the spring of 2017. While attending, she learned how to test and shift ideas into profitable businesses.

“The only way to build a community on ideas (outlandish or not) is to bring everyone together. The Innovation Market is a great starter for that, but then what? I feel like there is a push in the right direction in our community to help entrepreneurs, but the entrepreneurs themselves have to make things happen,” Sara mentions.

Sara invites you to attend and vote on ideas at the Innovation Market, where she will speak, February 15, 2018 • 6pm at the Sioux City Public Museum.

Please contact Sara with any design needs at and visit

Purchase Gnarly Pepper and learn more at or

*not limited to these services— Sara is a remote designer, on-site photography & videography will need to be scheduled in advance.

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