Thanks for the Compliment


An April 19 article in Sioux Falls’ newspaper, Argus Leader, generated some great reader comments. Sioux City, Sioux Falls might fight for Morrell had readers voicing opinions on whether Sioux City or Sioux Falls should be the potential site for a new John Morrell plant that would join together current Sioux City and Sioux Falls operations. Here’s a quote from sdagent777, a 40-year-old male from Sioux Falls:

It seems like the Sioux City area is getting everything. Like that new gas plant by Elk Point is so close to the Sioux City metro. And now this pork stuff possibly. And do you ever notice when you drive around down there and go through town, they are suppose to be half our population, but they have bigger buildings, like a city? How come we don’t have big tall buildings yet? And they have the Huge Tyson Events Center. That thing is huge. How come we don’t have one? Remember all our riches back in the 90’s and 2000’s? There is no reason at all every other town has all these things and we don’t. We should for a city our size, have a 17,000 seat, very nice events center complex, more development along rivers, boating, sand by rivers, tall buildings like Omaha and Sioux City, And a thru-way from SW part of town right through to downtown. Or tran system. Let’s get on the stick.

Thanks for the compliments, sdagent777! Sioux City IS a progressive town and there might be more big, tall buildings to come. However, Sioux City and Sioux Falls share more similarities than differences and both should be considered great places to live.

-Alicia the intern


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