Chamber Candidate Endorsements – Remember to Vote in Tomorrow’s City/School Election


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As a service to our members, the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with our Good Government Committee, invited the 11 individuals seeking election to the School Board and the two candidates seeking election to the City Council for the City of Sioux City to promote their candidacy in personal interviews with this committee. 

The Chamber performs this task as one component of the research required to encourage informed voting while advancing the mission of our organization, which remains to help our local economy grow through the promotion of economic development and quality-of-life initiatives. The committee interviewed all 13 candidates for these offices and met with several of the candidates multiple times in this process. Based on these interviews, the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce’s Good Government Committee has endorsed the following candidates who are listed alphabetically next to the office they are seeking.

Sioux City – City Council:  Tom Murphy

          Sioux City Community School Board: Marguerite Cortez, Lance Ehmcke,
Semehar Ghebrekidan, John Meyers, Earl Miller

Polls will be open on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

In-person early voting is open now through Monday, November 6th at the auditor’s office at

620 Douglas St., during business hours from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Absentee ballots must be at the auditor’s office by 8:00 PM on election day.

To find your precinct/polling place click here.

Guest Blog: The Ultimate Vehicle Protection: Why Ceramic Coating is Essential for Every Vehicle


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Written by: Drake Strong, Strong Auto Detail

In the world of automotive care, innovation has been causing a buzz and garnering glowing reviews: ceramic coating. But here’s the twist – it’s not just for brand-new cars fresh off the showroom floor. Ceramic coating is a game-changer you should consider whether you’re driving a “New-to-You,” a beloved vintage classic, or even managing a fleet of company cars in Sioux City, Iowa. At our highly reputable auto detailing and ceramic coating establishment, we take pride in offering Owners Pride Ceramic coatings, based out of Omaha, complete with a unique third-party nationally backed warranty, delivering unparalleled peace of mind.

The word “Ceramic” used for many detailing products lately. What’s the difference? All products have some base of SI02 or Silicon dioxide. The difference is that most sprays or other products have lower amounts. True coatings have higher amounts and come in 1-2oz. glass bottles. If left, it would crystalize when open, while the other products can still be used months later. Coatings have a higher concentration, which gives us durability.

So, what makes ceramic coating such a game-changer, and why should you contemplate applying it to your vehicle, including your paint, windshield, trim, head & tail lights?

1. Unmatched Protection for Your Vehicle’s Exterior: Ceramic coatings are meticulously formulated to create an invisible yet strong barrier on your exterior surfaces. This formidable shield repels dirt, water, bird droppings, tree sap, and other contaminants that can tarnish your vehicle’s finish. This gives you more time to wash them off before they start trying to damage your vehicle’s clear coat, especially in the summer sun. Ceramic coating keeps your vehicle’s exterior pristine whether you’re facing winter salt-covered roads or off-road adventures in the summertime.

2. Long-Lasting Brilliance: Who doesn’t want their vehicle to gleam like it just rolled off the assembly line? Ceramic coatings provide a glossy finish or “Candy Like Shine” that’s not just short-lived. Unlike traditional waxing and frequent polishing, ceramic coating retains that ‘just waxed’ shine for years, reducing the need for constant maintenance. They can also make a brand-new vehicle look even better!

3. Enhanced Resale Value: Ceramic coating is a wise investment whether you intend to hold onto your vehicle for the foreseeable future or sell it eventually. A well-maintained vehicle with a ceramic coating can fetch a higher resale value. This makes it an attractive proposition for sellers aiming for a better return and buyers looking for a well-protected investment.

4. Durability Beyond Compare: Sioux City’s climate can be unpredictable, and your vehicle is exposed to various elements on the road. Ceramic coatings offer robust and long-lasting protection against UV rays, oxidation, and harsh environmental factors. Most waxes last around 1-6 months. Carnauba base waxes last even less during the summertime, so we were told before to wax them four times a year or more. Our favorite way to describe it is to think of a coating as a wax but on some Arnold Schwarzenegger-type steroids!

5. An Immaculate and Healthier Interior: Ceramic coatings aren’t solely for the exterior – they can also be applied to your vehicle’s interior, safeguarding against spills, stains, and harmful UV damage. These are typically not as long-lasting as your paint, but we also don’t sit on our paint. But they can still provide protection and make cleaning carpet, upholstery, leather, and plastics easier. Our Owners Pride Interior coating also comes with an Amazing warranty.

6. Glass Coating For Safer Driving: Hydrophobic coatings create a water-repellent surface on the glass, causing water droplets to bead up and roll off the glass. This improves visibility during rainy conditions and reduces the need for wipers. You want the water beading because if it is flat, it will distort your view, which can be dangerous when driving. It also helps reduce glare during night-time driving. Like ceramic coatings, they provide self-cleaning properties, making cleaning easier. The same goes for snow and ice during winter, which makes it a little easier to clean off. Wiper usage will go down with a quality glass coating. Longevity does vary based on weather and wiper use.

Our Owners Pride Glass Coating, a 2-part coating, also has an added benefit that strengthens your windshield by up to 30%! This helps reduce the chances of getting a rock chip by spreading out the impact. They also have a warranty option, which would pay for rock chip repairs!!

7. Clearer Head & Tail Lights: Your vehicle lights are also clear coated, just like your paint. This part usually fails and turns foggy, yellow, or hazy over time. This can be dangerous since it reduces your nighttime visibility and makes it harder for others to see you from a distance. It is best to add protection early before they start to fail. They can be covered with the same ceramic coating as the rest of your paint for added UV protection.

8. Efficiency for Company Vehicles: Maintaining a professional image is paramount for Sioux City businesses. Company vehicles are an extension of your brand. The look or cleanliness of your vehicle may make no difference in your work but can leave a subconscious mark on any client. Why not leave a Great One? Ceramic coatings ensure your fleet looks sharp, reduce upkeep costs, add safety, and minimize downtime. You’ll always have vehicles ready to represent your brand with pride.

At our auto detailing and ceramic coating center, we don’t just promise excellence; we deliver it. As the most highly rated and reviewed establishment in Siouxland, we’re committed to quality and distinction in every service we provide. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a ceramic coating; you’re securing longevity, unbeatable protection, and a vehicle that stands out wherever you go.

Ceramic coating is the definitive solution whether you’re the proud owner of a new car, an enthusiastic caretaker of a pre-owned gem, or a business owner looking to safeguard your assets. Make the savvy choice today, and let us help you preserve and elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics and value. Contact us for a consultation, or fill out our booking form and experience the remarkable difference that Owners Pride Ceramic coating can make. Your vehicle – and your bottom line – will thank you for it.

Guest Blog: Why Should You Detail Your Car, Regularly?


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Submitted by: Drake Strong, Strong Auto Detail

Getting your vehicle detailed is an excellent part of routine maintenance. It may not seem as crucial as other car maintenance parts, like changing your oil. But getting it done regularly, whether by a professional or DIY, is another easy way to maintain a great vehicle.

1. Preserve Your Car’s Value
One of the primary reasons to invest in regular auto detailing is to preserve your car’s value. When you keep your vehicle in pristine condition, it maintains a higher resale value. From – “Used-car sellers can expect upwards of a 200% return on investment by cleaning their car before trading or selling their ride.” This can take a car from “Fair” condition to “Excellent” on Kelly Blue Books. Also, finding a professional detailer whose services report to Carfax is a great way to prove that the car was cared for.

2. Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal
Regular detailing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. It goes beyond a simple car wash by addressing minor scratches, swirl marks, and paint imperfections. This can make a new car look even better, and a used car will look newer longer. One standard complement detailers get is how their car “Looks better than when they bought it.”

3. Protect the Paint Finish
Detailing also involves the application of protective coatings such as PPF, ceramic coatings, or paint sealants. Modern car paint is getting thinner compared to just ten years ago. This means the clear coat finish is failing sooner and more often than before. We, as professionals, have seen cars just five years old already having issues. These coatings provide an extra layer of defense against environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, winter road salt, tree sap, and bird droppings, which are common concerns for car owners. Compared to most waxes, these coatings can last Years vs. only a few months. Replacing your car’s OEM paint job can be more expensive than getting a whole new engine in most cases.

4. Improve Interior Comfort
The interior of your car deserves just as much attention as the exterior. Regular interior detailing helps maintain a fresh and clean cabin environment. An interior can often get dirtier than even the exterior of a car., from food, kids & pets that you cant simply just rinse off. Plus, we spend time in our cars, so it’s almost like another room in our homes. Having a clean feeling environment makes it more enjoyable to be in, and you won’t have to feel embarrassed having someone ride with you. This is very important for any ride-sharing service. (Uber, Lyft)

5. Remove Allergens and Odors
Interior detailing can help remove allergens like dust and pet dander, providing a healthier environment for those with allergies or sensitivities. Additionally, it can eliminate unpleasant odors from the interior, making the driving experience more enjoyable. This includes odors such as smoke (both nicotine & weed), spilled food & drinks, pet urine, or vomit. Also, during cold & flu season, special cleaners can help sanitize surfaces without discoloring.

6. Prevent Wear and Tear
Detailing makes your car look better and helps prevent premature wear and tear. Protective treatments for leather and fabric seats and vinyl and plastic surfaces can extend their lifespan. There is a limit to what these can do, but quality protection can help reduce some friction damage, along with stains from different spills. Owners Pride Interior Coating is a good choice for interior protection and even comes with a Nationally-backed Warranty. Also, get floor mats like Weather-Tech or Husky, which can be made to fit your vehicle for maximum coverage.

7. Save Money in the Long Run
While investing in regular detailing may seem like an expense, it can save you money in the long run. You can avoid more significant and costly repairs by addressing minor issues early on. Some of these issues are faded & swirled paint, foggy headlights, faded trim, ripped leather, permanent stains on carpets & upholstery, and discolored interior plastics. Also, it is cheaper and quicker to keep a vehicle clean rather than waiting for it to get filthy, and it would cost more and take longer.

8. Increase Your Pride of Ownership
A unique satisfaction comes with driving a vehicle that looks and feels brand new. Regular detailing instills a sense of pride in ownership. Whether you do it yourself or have a pro, we all feel better in a freshly detailed vehicle. No matter the age of the vehicle, if it’s taken care of, it will feel better to drive around.

Why Have a Professional Detail Your Vehicle?

Anyone can detail your vehicle, but a professional business is different. Often, the products we use are of higher quality. They are specially designed for different areas of your car to clean without the risk of damage. Those often cost more but get better & longer-lasting results. Also, Looking at the reviews of a shop can show you the quality of their work & customer service. One thing to look for is the ones who have received hands-on training and are certified. Two of the top ones in the detailing industry are the IDA (International Detailing Association) & CPD (Organization of Certified Professional Detailers). A business will also be insured. It doesn’t matter how much training a person has, detailers are still people and mistakes could still happen. Being insured means they can fix any damage without hesitation. But choosing a detailer who is properly trained, means they know how to properly care for all of the different surfaces on your vehicle.

Finding one can be easy from a Google search, asking a friend, or using a service such as Find A Detailer from CPD or Find A Detailer from Owners Pride.

Angels Care Home Health earns 2023-2024 Great Place to Work Certification™


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Denison, Iowa (June 1, 2023) — Angels Care Home Health is proud to be Certified™ by Great Place To Work® for the third year in a row. The prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at Angels Care Home Health. This year, 86% of employees said it’s a Great Place To Work because they feel like they make a difference, and their work has special meaning and it doesn’t feel like a job. 88% of employees said when they look at what Angels Care accomplishes, they feel a sense of pride.

Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue, employee retention and increased innovation.

“Great Place To Work Certification is a highly coveted achievement that requires consistent and intentional dedication to the overall employee experience,” says Sarah Lewis-Kulin, the Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place To Work. She emphasizes that Certification is the sole official recognition earned by the real-time feedback of employees regarding their company culture. “By successfully earning this recognition, it is evident that Angels Care Home Health stands out as one of the top companies to work for, providing a great workplace environment for its employees.”

“We are thrilled to be Great Place to Work-Certified™ for the third year in a row as we consider employee experience a top priority every day,” said Tony Miller, MPT, Chief Operating Officer for AngMar Medical Holdings, Inc., the management company for Angels Care Home Health. “We attribute our continued success as a company to our team of dedicated employees at Angels Care Home Health. We celebrate and thank them for all they do to earn this incredible recognition.”

According to Great Place To Work research, job seekers are 4.5 times more likely to find a great boss at a Certified great workplace. Additionally, employees at Certified workplaces are 93% more likely to look forward to coming to work, and are twice as likely to be paid fairly, earn a fair share of the company’s profits and have a fair chance at promotion.

Looking to grow your career at a company that puts its people first? Visit our careers page on our website at or visit our job board

About Angels Care Home Health
Angels Care Home Health in Denison is managed by AngMar Medical Holdings, Inc., a privately held family company based in Mansfield, Texas. AngMar manages a network of multiple locations in nine states including Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. Its patient population numbers continue to grow, fueled by the specialized patient-centered care that the company provides and its commitment to excellence to serving its local communities. Some of the disease management programs Angels Care provides include Diabetes, Falls Prevention, Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Hypertension, Parkinson’s Disease, Pneumonia and Stroke/TBI. Other specialty programs include Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Anxiety and Depression Chronic Care, Behavioral Health at Home, Take a Breath Respiratory Program, Pain Management, Care Connections Pre-Palliative Care, Skin & Wound Care Program, Caregiver Support, and Community Classroom Education. To learn more about home health service call our Denison office at 712-263-2267, or for more information, visit or follow us on Facebook @AngelsCareHH/ or Instagram @AngelsCare HH.

Media Contact:
Molli L. Samuels
Director of Marketing
AngMar Medical Holdings, Inc.

Siouxland Ranks First in the Nation for Economic Development for Eleventh Time


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From Site Selection magazine, March 2023

Places You Can Trust

That’s a strong indicator across the Top Metros of 2022

Tier 3: Superb Sioux City Again Tops Cumulative & Per-Capita Rankings

No matter how you slice the data, it seems the tri-state area of Sioux City, Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota, always comes up roses. This year the region repeats its feat of the No. 1 ranking by total projects and No. 1 ranking by total projects per capita among Tier-3 metros (those with populations between 50,000 and 200,000).

The region is not alone at the top. Three other communities appear in the top four of both rankings, in slightly different order: Lima, Ohio; Bowling Green, Kentucky; and the upstart university town of Manhattan, Kansas, which was unranked in both categories the previous year. Toss in each category’s No. 5 finishers Dubuque, Iowa, and Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, Kentucky and you have a veritable Midwest-fest.

Among the projects landing in the area was a $185 million, 149-job expansion by pet health nutrition company Royal Canin in North Sioux City, South Dakota. It was helped by a nearly $4 million Reinvestment Payment Program grant from Governor Kristi Noem’s Office of Economic Development. It was also helped by the pet care habits of a nation.

“Over the past two years, the country experienced a boom in pet ownership and heightened focus on pets’ health,” said Royal Canin North America President Cecile Coutens, “Royal Canin is seeing significant growth as a result … We already know what an incredible place the North Sioux City community is and are thrilled to expand our presence here.”

Other investors last year included Cargill, MidAmerican Energy, Thompson Equipment Co. and Cold-Link Logistics in Sioux City proper and Sioux City Tarp, Dakota Supply Group and Lite-Form Technologies in South Sioux City, Nebraska, among others.

In Sioux City in November, local leaders joined with U.S. EDA representative and three executives from Omaha-based Oracle Aviation to break ground on the company’s new 40,000-sq.-ft. Aviation Center at the Sioux Gateway Airport / Brigadier General Bud Day Field, where hangar space, office space and classrooms will serve needs in training pilots and mechanics. A release from the city explained that city officials, collaborating with leaders at The Siouxland Initiative, “facilitated an ongoing dialogue with executives from Oracle Aviation as they sought to increase activity and enhance aviation operations locally. After establishing initial interest from Oracle, the parties began to communicate with Morningside University and Western Iowa Tech in exploration of the possibility of adding degree awarding programs. One year later, Morningside announced the creation of a degree in aviation fields, while WITCC plans to offer an Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance.”

“We have developed similar operations in the past and believe this market has exceptional untapped potential,” said Oracle Aviation Vice President of Business Development Dave Poole. “We are not only confident, but absolutely convinced, that Sioux Gateway Airport can become one of the leading centers for aviation in the entire upper Midwest. Brigadier General Bud Day Field is perfectly located and ideally situated to see exponential growth in the near term and Oracle Aviation intends to help Sioux City realize this potential.”

Quality of Life Draws Quality People

When I traveled to the area in March 2022 to recognize Siouxland for its previous No. 1 rankings, then-Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (now a U.S. senator filling the spot vacated by retired Sen. Ben Sasse) told the assembled in a room overlooking the Missouri River, “No company invests in a generic place called Nebraska or Iowa or South Dakota. They invest in communities. As governors, we’re all competitive — we have a friendly rivalry with South Dakota and Iowa. But we also celebrate the great success of the tri-state area,” built on a foundation of agriculture, food and manufacturing, and cemented with the very real Midwestern work ethic.

Ricketts then took to a field along the river to have a game of catch. No, this had nothing to do with his family’s ownership of the Chicago Cubs. It had everything to do with a $100,000 fundraising effort by Miracle League of Sioux City Executive Director Kevin Negaard called “Wanna Have a Catch?” that involved him playing catch with a different person every day for 365 days. I was lucky player No. 44 the next day at the largest Miracle Field in the world complete with playground, mini golf and baseball fields designed so that all children with and without special needs can play together. In January, Negaard wrapped up the 365 days of around-the-world catch back at Arena Sports Academy, which recently took ownership of the Miracle League, playing catch with his father, among others. The funds raised came to more than triple the goal, at nearly $350,000, which will support such new programs as Miracle Dance, Miracle Volleyball and Miracle Basketball.

The facility is just one part of an array of recreational amenities now springing up around the region to complement increased career and technical training and deepen quality of life needed to attract and retain the talent needed by so many growing companies. Cone Park offers a tubing hill, ice skating rink, an outdoor fire pit, and day lodge for warming, rentals, and concessions during the winter. Next door a professionally designed mountain biking park is beginning to cut a path through the hills. At the spot vacated by an Argosy casino boat when the successful Hard Rock Casino came to Sioux City, a new riverside park with a great lawn, yoga areas and scenic overlooks is taking shape. Meanwhile, 33 miles of trails with more on the way are branching throughout the region, providing infrastructure for everyday workouts as well as tri-state marathons and cycling events.

In June 2022, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) announced the Siouxland area would receive $7 million to support Siouxland Regional Trail System projects from the state’s new $100 million tourism attraction program Destination Iowa after leaders in Sioux City, LeMars and Sergeant Bluff had jointly applied for funding to support the construction of five regional trail connection projects. Over $2.2 million was raised in the 13 days leading up to the acceptance of applications.

The Siouxland Regional Trail System will provide over 100 miles of recreational trail — including a unique Plywood Trail project — linking the communities of Sioux City, LeMars, Hinton, Merrill and Sergeant Bluff. “We know that connecting communities and providing unique offerings such as the PlyWood Trail and Cone Mountain Bike Park can help fuel tourism and economic development opportunities in the area,” said Mike Wells, CEO Wells Enterprises.

Things Change But Trust Remains

Yes, that’s the same Mike Wells interviewed in this space one year ago, when he told Senior Editor Gary Daughters he was enjoying his company more than ever after a reorganization brought him back to walking the plant floor more and connecting with people. He also told him, “We haven’t seen any significant population growth in a number of years, and the pandemic put a further strain on that. We see the need for population growth, and we believe quality of life is at the center of that.”

And it’s the same Wells Enterprises — maker of Blue Bunny Ice Cream and other treats that has helped nearby Le Mars, Iowa, become the ice cream capital of the world over the company’s 100-plus years — that in December was acquired by Italy’s Ferrero Group. What might that mean for a regional stalwart?

“For over a century, Wells Enterprises has been an outstanding corporate citizen in the Siouxland tri-state metro, and we do not expect that to change in any way,” says Chris McGowan, president of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce and The Siouxland Initiative, where Mike Wells has long served on the board. “Over the years, the Wells family and their executive leadership team declined countless unsolicited offers because they wanted to be certain that any entity that acquired the company would share their values, as well as their commitment to community,” McGowan says. “The key decision-makers at Wells believe that they have identified and selected the ideal partner in the family-owned Ferrero Group, which has indicated that Wells will remain a stand-alone business with offices in Le Mars.”

Ferrero also is a family business, tracing its roots back to a pastry shop in Alba, Italy, that started up in 1946 after World War II. 

“As Wells transitions from one family to another, we are committed to a long and successful future, building on their legacy of fantastic products and looking after the welfare of employees and the wider community in Le Mars,” Giovanni Ferrero said at the announcement in December. “I strongly believe that Wells and Ferrero are the perfect match and would like to thank Mike Wells and the Wells family for entrusting ownership of this great company to us.”

It was the great Russian writer and playwright Anton Chekhov who said, “You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” The same might be said of the places those people live and work. The Ferrero acquisition should close this year. The possibilities for Siouxland — and other top-performing metros that cultivate the sort of trust that makes prosperity possible — are just beginning to open up. 

Adam Bruns
Managing Editor of Site Selection magazine

Adam Bruns has served as managing editor of Site Selection magazine since February 2002. In the course of reporting hundreds of stories for Site Selection, Adam has visited companies and communities around the globe. A St. Louis native who grew up in the Kansas City suburbs, Adam is a 1986 alumnus of Knox College, and resided in Chicago; Midcoast Maine; Savannah, Georgia; and Lexington, Kentucky, before settling in the Greater Atlanta community of Peachtree Corners, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Jim Jensen Receives Siouxland Chamber’s Deming Award


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Great West Casualty CEO Recognized After 47-Year Career

SIOUXLAND, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota – At their 36th annual fundraising dinner held at the Sioux City Convention Center on Thursday evening, the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce presented its most prestigious recognition, the W. Edwards Deming Business Leadership and Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, to Jim Jensen of Great West Casualty Company. Jensen, who recently celebrated 47 years of employment with the South Sioux City, Nebraska-based insurance company, was lauded for his corporate, community, and Chamber leadership.

Speaking to a sold-out Sioux City Convention Center, Jensen, who served for 15 years as Great West’s chief executive officer, fondly recalled his local roots, acknowledged the opportunities the company afforded him, and thanked his fellow employees and the community for their unparalleled support. Jensen stated, “I am so grateful for my employment with Great West which began just after I graduated from high school. It continued through college and included leadership assignments in Denver and Boise, before culminating with my role as the chief executive officer of this outstanding organization.” Jensen continued, “I am humbled by this recognition, and indebted to Great West’s remarkably dedicated employees and unbelievably loyal customers. Carla and I owe a significant debt of gratitude to Siouxland, and we have done our level best to make sure that we give back to this community, which has sustained us, both personally and professionally, for nearly five decades.”

Jensen’s relationship with the nation’s leading over-the-road semi-tractor/trailer insurance company began when, as a seventeen-year-old high school student, he was retained to mow lawns for the company. His employment with Great West continued when, as a college student at Briar Cliff, Jensen spent nights at the company’s corporate headquarters working as a dispatcher answering emergency phone calls. Joining the company’s underwriting department after graduating from college, his career eventually took him to leadership roles in Colorado and Idaho before returning to South Sioux City in 2007 to lead the organization as CEO. Over the course of Jensen’s career with Great West, the company’s revenues grew from $12 million to a staggering $1.2 billion annually.

Rich Waller, who, while CEO of Security National Bank, served with Jensen on the board of The Siouxland Initiative, asserted that Jensen was an excellent selection and a welcome addition to the exceptional Siouxland leaders who have received the award over the years. “Jim is most deserving of the Deming Award and his legacy of leadership in Siouxland is one I am proud to affirm. His subtle contributions, critical thinking, and bold vision for what his company and this community can be, have made a profoundly positive difference for both.”  

Siouxland Chamber of Commerce president Chris McGowan echoed Waller’s sentiments and explained that Jensen’s years of service on the boards of directors of Briar Cliff University and UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s, as well as the boards of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce and The Siouxland Initiative, both of which he served as chair, coupled with his role serving as the honorary chair of the Boys and Girls Home and Family Services tailgating fundraiser for kids, were all factors in his selection for this year’s Deming Award. McGowan said, “Since returning to Siouxland, Jim has distinguished himself as one of the key advocates for our community. While he can be a very vocal and outspoken leader, he has most often chosen to quietly lead by example, which I believe is the gold-standard for servant leadership.”

The Deming Award is presented annually to an outstanding business executive and exceptional community leader in the tri-state region. Jensen joins a notable list of past recipients who have been recognized for their entrepreneurial success, business leadership, and commitment to Siouxland. This year marks the 31st time the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce has presented the Deming Award dating back to 1991.

The W. Edwards Deming Business Leadership & Entrepreneurial Excellence Award is presented in honor of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a Sioux City native and world-renowned statistician, philosopher, and educator. This award is designed to recognize local business executives who have exhibited outstanding leadership and corporate citizenship, within the Siouxland community, as well as originality, quality, productivity, and performance within the realm of their business.

# # #

Dr. W. Edwards Deming Business Leadership &

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

Award Criteria: The W. Edwards Deming Business Leadership & Entrepreneurial Excellence Award is presented in honor of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a Sioux City native and world-renowned statistician, philosopher, and educator. This award is designed to recognize local business executives who have exhibited outstanding leadership and corporate citizenship, within the Siouxland community, as well as originality, quality, productivity, and performance within the realm of their business.


  1. Ted Waitt, Gateway
  2. Wrede Smith, American Pop Corn Company
  3. Harold Bomgaars, Bomgaars
  4. Fred Davenport, Davenport Companies
  5. William Dible, Terra Industries Inc.
  6. Byron Brower, Brower Construction Company
  7. Sam Bernstein, State Steel Supply Company
  8. Robert Williams, Williams and Company
  9. Roland Junck, Prince Manufacturing
  10. William Metz, Metz Baking Company
  11. Robert Peterson, IBP, Inc.
  12. Eldon Roth, Beef Products, Inc.
  13. Chuck Long, Long Lines
  14. Irving F. Jensen, Jr., Irving F. Jensen Company
  15. Pat Boeshart, Lite-Form Technologies LLC
  16. Ken Ackerman, K & B Transportation
  17. Leonard Gill, LP Gill, Inc.
  18. Allen Mahaney, Soo Tractor Sweeprake Company
  19. Mike Bennett, Terra Industries
  20. Roger and Jane Bomgaars, Bomgaars
  21. James Yanney, Guarantee Roofing & Siding
  22. Steve Schneider, Gerkin Windows and Doors
  23. Mike Wells, Wells Enterprises, Inc.
  24. Garrett Smith, American Pop Corn Company
  25. Regina Roth, BPI
  26. Richard Waller, Security National Bank
  27. Bev and Jim Wharton, Briar Cliff University / City of Sioux City
  28. Douglas Palmer, Tegra Corporation, Palmer Candy Company
  29. John Gleeson, Klinger Companies, Inc.
  30. No Award Presented Due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic
  31. John Reynders, Morningside University
  32. Jim Jensen, Great West Casualty Company

Nature Calls Event Features Craft Beer Tasting and More


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For Release August 25, 2022

Nature Calls Event Features Craft Beer Tasting and More

Sioux City, IA—Sample craft beers, bid on unique auction items, and visit with artists about their work at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center’s “Nature Calls” fundraiser Saturday, September 24th beginning at 6 p.m. at the Sioux City Convention Center. Free parking is available in the city parking ramps.

The “blue jeans casual” evening includes nature art, beer tasting, food, raffles, silent auctions, and a live auction. Guests can sample more than 70 craft beers, including some from your local favorite brewers.  In addition, there will be IPAs, ciders, lagers, seltzers, beer alternatives and some local wines to sample at the event. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and delicious food will also be available throughout the evening. Sampling will conclude at 9:15 p.m. when the Live Auction begins.

“Nature Calls is our only fundraising event and it’s vital funding for our programs. People look forward to it because of the relaxed atmosphere and unique combination of artists, beers, and auction items,” said Dawn Snyder, Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center Education Programs Director. “Our goal is to raise funds for conservation education programs and exhibits,” continued Snyder.

The Nature Calls event attributes its success to numerous sponsors and local donors and has become a fun and profitable evening for the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center’s special projects such as the Nature Center indoor exhibits, the Raptor House, and the very popular Discovery Forest Nature Playscape.

A highlight of the event is the Live Auction which includes hotel stays; fine jewelry; original artwork; overnight cabin stays; and much more. In addition, more than 70 Silent Auction Items have been donated for the event. There will be raffles, including a few gun raffles.

Ten area artisans and nature-themed vendors will exhibit their items available for purchase at the September 24 event. Hand-crafted items include fused glass, natural-edge wood slab furniture, pine needle baskets, jewelry, and garden art. Artists include Julia & Peter Licht from Artery of Sioux City; Marit Westrich from MW Glass & Other Works of Sioux City; Lela Heineman from H & H Design Company of Pender; Doug Johnson from Johnson’s Mill of Sioux City; Jana Peterson from Autumn Prairie Designs Jewelry of Anthon; Susan McCulley from S. McCulley Wildlife Art of Sioux City; Lynn Jarvis from Snowflake Woodcrafts of Hornick; Sonya Sexton (baskets) of Danbury; Connie Smith (greeting cards & photography) of Sioux City; and Loess Hills Wild Ones with garden art.

Advance tickets only this year. Purchase tickets online at or call the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center at 712-258-0838. Sales end September 23.

For more information on contact Dawn Snyder at 712-258-0838. View more auction items, sponsors, artists, and beers featured at the event at or

Guest Blog: Leadership Siouxland Taking Applications Until August 31st


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As an alumnus, past board member, and current Executive Director of Leadership Siouxland, I see firsthand the value this program provides to class participants and the Siouxland community. We provide a low-cost, time efficient way for class participants to develop the unique leadership skills needed for success in these challenging times, and networking opportunities that are unprecedented. I hope that you will consider participating in our upcoming class or sponsoring a participant from your organization.

Leadership Siouxland was formed 38 years ago. Over 1,100 Siouxlanders have graduated from the program. The 9-month curriculum is designed to allow participants to enhance their leadership skills; learn more about themselves and their strengths and talents; gain knowledge about our community and form a great network of professionals. 36 professionals from various businesses and industries in the tri-state Siouxland area graduated in May from our 2021-2022 class. Our program continues to evolve into unique experiences for each individual professional. The responses and feedback from class participants is inspiring. Some of the comments we hear are:

“It was an amazing experience!”
“The session on diversity and inclusiveness opened my eyes so I can understand different perspectives.”
“I am a better person and a better leader because of this program.”
“I learned how to be more authentic and to self-reflect; and how to step out of my comfort zone.”

“I made life-long friends and professional connections I can count on to help me navigate through

The curriculum includes learnings on Emotional Intelligence; Change Management; Gallup Strength Finder; IDEA (Inclusiveness, Diversity, Equity, Access/Accessibility); Difficult Conversations; and the following areas of education about our communities: Economic Development, Public Safety, Mission Driven Organizations, and more.

The class is formed into Connection Circles, allowing for deeper and more personal conversations around the session topics. Orientation is held 8:30 AM to 4 PM the last Thursday of September. Monthly class sessions are held the first Thursday of each month October through May from 5:30 to 9 PM. Meals are provided, and the total cost of the programs is $675. A limited number of scholarships (up to 1/2 the full tuition) are available. We work with companies and individuals on payment arrangements if requested; otherwise, payment is expected by orientation. The program offers a dynamic opportunity to network with entrepreneurs and men and women of various career levels and industries.

Thank you in advance for your interest in participating or sponsoring a participant in our upcoming program. We are constantly refreshing the content, class locations and activities, so each new class has a fresh, new experience. Click here to download an application. More information is available on Facebook at Leadership Siouxland. You can also reach out to Peggy Smith, Executive Director via e-mail at or call 712.898.8594.

Leadership Siouxland develops diverse, passionate leaders who positively impact our community for today and tomorrow.

Guest Blog: CEO Jeana Goosmann Featured in “The Science of Getting Rich for Women”


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Goosmann Law Firm CEO Jeana Goosmann is featured in a new book inspiring women around the world to make a comeback after the pandemic setback. Today only, June 9th, you can download a FREE advance copy of The Science of Getting Rich for Women.  For every download, a partner organization is donating $1 to United Nations Women. Please share this and help us in our mission to create a global economic rise and miracles for women around the world.

Goosmann Law Firm is honored to announce that CEO & Managing Partner Jeana Goosmann is featured in a new book The Science of Getting Rich for Women by Sara Connell officially launching on June 14th, 2022. Jeana Goosmann’s inspirational story is one of 25 self-made women millionaires featured in the book.

A special drive to benefit United Nations Women is taking place on Thursday, June 9th where you can download a FREE advanced copy of the book and for each download a partner organization will donate $1 to UN Women. For every copy downloaded between 10am and 11am CT, they will double that donation. To download a FREE copy to benefit UN Women on June 9th visit

In 2009, Jeana Goosmann started the Goosmann Law Firm with a passion to run a business when leading in the law wasn’t available to female lawyers. Over the years Goosmann’s success has been built on her values of culture, quality, positivity, productivity, and growth. Since starting the firm, Goosmann has been on a mission to promote and empower other women leaders. In 2021, she won the Enterprising Women of the Year Award for her leadership of the largest Women Owned Law Firm in the Midwest. She is the author of the Amazon Bestseller Worth It: Business Leaders Ready Execute Deliver. She brings her RED Mentality to her leadership of the firm and to deliver on her client’s goals.

Goosmann says, “I’m honored to be featured in this incredible book that shares stories from top women leaders who have defied risks and overcome challenges to get where they are today. As a woman lawyer and business owner, my favorite part of representing women is that I have a unique understanding of how to navigate the role, its benefits, and its opportunities. We have the power to be agents of change helping women lead successful careers while fulfilling their passion for life.”

About the book – The Science of Getting Rich for Women by Sara Connell

The Science of Getting Rich for Women aims to be an antidote to the global financial gap and a catalyst for women’s financial freedom and empowerment. In 1 year, women globally lost $800 Billion in income during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mission of this book is to create a global economic rise for women around the world to make a comeback after the pandemic setback. Author Sara Connell shares the exact journey she took to go from struggling to make $20,000 a year as a writer and coach to making over $1,000,000 in one year as an author, speaker, and coach. You’ll also read the stories of 25 women who started without investors, capital-or in many cases, anyone believing in them-and became millionaires. By the end of this book, you will have a toolkit to create millions, while changing lives and having a positive impact on our planet. To learn more about the book visit

About Goosmann Law Firm

Goosmann Law Firm is the largest woman-owned law firm in the Midwest for trailblazers leading the way. They are one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States with locations in Omaha, Nebraska, Sioux City, Iowa, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their clients range from local businesses to multinational Fortune 100 companies. Their areas of practice include Business, Estates, Employment, Disputes and Trials. Goosmann Law Firm is a proud member of the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms. To learn more about the Goosmann Law Firm, visit their website at or call (855) 843-4531.