Chamber Trivia



I promised this week’s trivia question wouldn’t be nearly as easy.  Let’s see if you’re up to the challenge!

Question for the week: What famous Hollywood actor was stationed in Sioux City as an Operations Officer of the 703d Bomb Squadron in August 1943?

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Think you know…comment on this post with your answer for your chance at a great prize. Trivia questions will be posted each Friday with answer and winners announced the following Thursday.

14 Responses to “Chamber Trivia”

    • Siouxland Chamber

      Thanks for answering Vernon. I am not sure which one it is :). We’ll have to wait til Friday, but which are you going to go with out of these two.

    • Siouxland Chamber

      Wait a minute….not everyone thinks it’s Jimmy Stewart do they? Oh okay, anyways, Rhonda thanks for answering and we will let you know the answer on Friday! Have a great week and good luck.

    • Siouxland Chamber

      You guys are awfully confident! Guess we’ll see tomorrow. I hope you’re right, I really do. Otherwise, all of you would be wrong and that would look bad. 🙂

    • Siouxland Chamber

      Either you guys are all copy cats or you guys just know the answer. Luckily, you have the resource of Google and other search engines on your side. Tomorrow we will pick the winner and one of you Jimmy Stewart lovers might win if Jimmy Stewart is the right answer of course. Otherwise, looks like I am going for free down to the Promenade. HAHA