Clean Up The Mizzou!


Missouri River Relief- Siouxland Clean-Up  ’093567815879_7882402bdc

Last years clean up was a great success with a huge turnout.  This years Missouri River Relief is going to be even bigger!  There is a large group of Siouxland river enthusiasts and Siouxland partners on the board this year to make this years even better than the last.  Volunteers  from all over the area are all pitching in.  Don’t worry, for all the storms we’ve had in the past year there will be plenty of trash for everyone…   Last year there was around 15 tons of trash taken off the Mizzou.   This year, lets get 15 more tons and then some!

Clean-up Time 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  SATURDAY,  June 27th

For more info on whats going on, where to go, what you get, and what to bring go to:

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