Clutter here, Clutter there, Clutter everywhere


Nothing is worse than something you don’t use taking up needed space in your house, attic, or garage.

Especially, when you will never use it again.

With technology constantly improving we are faced with the question, what do I do with the old family television or computer?  You ponder would someone want this old thing still?  Can I just throw it away?

TOld computerhe fact is, a lot of people don’t know what or how to disperse of their old electronics.  So, down at the Chamber today I called around and found out where to take these things to get them off your hands.

Option #1-Goodwill

At all their locations Goodwill will take anything computer related.  Laptops, desktops etc., they send them to Dell and they will get the parts or refurbish them.  If they work Goodwill will sell them at the store as well.  They do request that you erase your data on the PC before you bring it in.  If other electronics work, they will take them as well.

3100 W 4th St, Sioux City – (712) 293-148

5931 Gordon Dr, Sioux City -(712)274-4380

2323 Dakota Ave, South Sioux City, NE (402)494-6072

Option #2-Executive Recycling

Executive Recycling will take computers, radios, monitors, routers, keyboards, hubs, printers, telephone devices, modems, electronic motors, cell phones, automotive electronics, copiers, typewriters, televisions, and cables.  The fee will be judged on the amount of electronics you bring to them.

2404 Dakota Ave. South Sioux City, Nebraska (402) 494-1131

Option #3 Staples

You can bring basically any type of electronics to the Staples warehouse, except for televisions.  It will cost $10 for your computers and it will depend on the amount of electronics you bring.

840 Gordon Drive Sioux City, Iowa (712)252-9933

Although, I am sure there are more options than just these three in the Siouxland area, I hope this somewhat accommodates our readers.

If anyone has any suggestions on where you take your old electronics feel free to comment at the bottom.

2 Responses to “Clutter here, Clutter there, Clutter everywhere”

  1. Chase Stockton

    Great information! We are a commercial printing company and have plenty of old monitors and computers to get rid of, and now we know where to go!