Enhance Your Space: Plant A Tree


There are not many bad things you can say about trees.  What, their leaves fall and it looks awesome and you can make piles and jump into them…  Our community just wouldn’t look the same without trees around.  Trees are sources of beauty, oxygen, shade, and even a good wind block.  A treeless community just doesn’t look as attractive.  Trees go hand in hand with homes and community landscapes.

To help make Siouxland more green and support the development of tree planting a committee has been put together of local community and business volunteers.  The Trees For Siouxland Committee is a sub-committee of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce.   Committee members are working hard to spread the word about the need for planting more trees in Sioux City and surrounding areas.Autumn_Colours

Did you know that in the 1970s the Dutch Elm Disease killed a whopping 200 million trees.  Today those trees would have been grown up producing oxygen, shade, etc.  Planting trees is a great future investment.  You might not realize the money that big ol’ Oak in your front yard is saving you on your utility bills till it’s gone.  Also another bigger tree epidemic is the Emerald Ash Borer(Beetle), this problem is projected to take about 7.5 billion of our beautiful tree.  As a community we need to plant beautiful healthy trees so that our children have something to lay in the shade under.  Let Siouxlands kids grow up along with some beautiful trees.

The City of Sioux City has a list of recommended tree types for planting which include various: maples, oak, linden, and a few other species of trees.  The Committee is also working with various businesses and organizations to create incentives to help homeowners plant more trees. More info on those plans will be announced at a later date.

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