Health and Wellness for Employers and Employees


489121_elliptical_trainersLast week’s business roundtable focused on ways to save on health care by promoting a corporate health and wellness program in your business. Another side benefit…healthier employers and employees.

Here are some tips discussed at the roundtable for cutting costs and becoming healthier:

  1. Avoid the emergency room with services such as the my nurse program. This allows employees to get advice on when they actually should go see the doctor, and when its best to let a cold run its course.
  2. Make sure management buys into the health and wellness program.1097383_fruit_salad Set the example and encourage those around you to participate in a healthy lifestyle through your actions.
  3. Drink 40 ounces + of water a day.
  4. Hold a monthly wellness challenge. Check out the Lt. Governor’s Heart Challenge here in Iowa for some ideas.
  5. Celebrate the successes of those who are leading a healthy lifestyle and working to cut health care costs.
  6. Provide healthy food at your meetings and events. Fruit, vegetables, granola bars, low fat cheeses, and bottled water are a few examples.
  7. Don’t think you have to do this all by yourself. Start an internal Wellness Planning Committee at your organization.
  8. Encourage employees to bike to work.
  9. Allow time for an exercise break during the work day.
  10. Check out free services offered locally. allows employees to receive an assessment of their heart health, as well as find out if they’re at risk for diabetes or lung disease.

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