Just An Intern.



My name is Zach, I am one of the Social Media Interns for the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. I work here helping promote the growth and development of the Siouxland Area through the web 2.0 social networks.  I am currently a Student at Morningside College and will graduate in May of this year.  My goal is to have the blog be a great place for discussions, question and answer, or maybe just informational reading. Any great topics or questions and I will be ready to talk.


One Response to “Just An Intern.”

  1. Sue from the Carroll Chamber

    Congratulations. Looks like you are doing a good job. We are also just getting started with a blog. Just let our Board of Directors into it today and hope to live in May. Would love to have an intern helping us with this project. Keep up the good work.