Look me in the eye..but just one eye please


Matt BoothHosting a networking event at 7:30 a.m. can make it hard for people to get out of bed not to mention focus on relationship building. That wasn’t the case this morning when Matt Booth, internationally known motivational speaker, proved to the Siouxland Chamber Business Roundtable and Sioux City GO that getting energized and checking your attitude can be a refreshing start to the day. To a crowd of more than 50, Matt spoke about how you can improve  from a slick networking to building long lasting relationships valuable to your quality of life and career.

With an enthusiastic demeanor, Matt taught the crowd how the first step in relationship building is to have a genuinely positive attitude. Not only does that attract others to you, but you become approachable and someone pleasant to be around. It’s important to constantly check your attitude so it becomes a habit to stay positive, just as routine as brushing your teeth.

Matt also gave the group some worthwhile tips on networking and communicating effectively. Below are just some of the valuable tools he shared with our group.

Business Cards: Use the Name people call you on your business card-When you introduce yourself to people, do you use your full name ie: Jonathan A Doe III? Your middle initial? Then why include that on your business card. Use the name that you introduce yourself as so people know who you are know how to address you when making contact.

The internet is prime real estate-Purchase the domain to your name so when contacts google your name (c’mon you know you do it), you can rest assured they are finding accurate information. Domain names are cheap (some less than $10 per year) so why not give this as a gift to friends, family or youngsters BEFORE they become motivational speakers or CEO’s.

Smile!- One of the best ways to make people like you is to smile. It can be said in any language and is rarely misunderstood. This is an easy improvement to make when networking and building relationships.

Look ‘um in the eye- Who ever said that had it right. One of the quickest and most effective ways to build a beneficial relationship is to gain trust. Eye contact is a wonderful tool to develop that trust. Focus on just one eye and maintain that contact. Try it, you’ll soon find out how powerful one-eye contact can be.

Use the FORD technique to get people to like you– No I don’t mean using the topic of cars, I’m talking about questions to ask people in regards to their Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams. Don’t forget to LISTEN to the answers, networking doesn’t work as a one-way street.

Overall, Matt Booth shared some great tips and advice on how to be an effective communicator. Please remember, the business roundtable committee is open to all chamber members and a great place to develop current relationships and make new contacts. Best of all, its included in your chamber membership so there is no additional charge! You might even learn something in the process.

Did you miss this business roundtable but want to join in next month? Not a problem, feel free to contact myself or Nicole at nthompson@siouxlandchamber.com and we’d be happy to put you on the list.

-Beth Trejo, Director of Investor Relations- Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

2 Responses to “Look me in the eye..but just one eye please”

  1. Matt Campbell

    I had a great time listening to Matt. This is the 3rd time I heard him speak and he always gives a refreshing presentation that is full of energy. Even with a 7:30 AM start time, Matt quickly got the audience engaged. I still like the quote “It’s called eye contact, not eyes contact”.

    Thanks Matt.

    The other Matt.