Marketing Monday


Today’s Marketing Monday tip is from Starr Hall. She gives 5 tips for overcoming your social media fears.

  1. Stuck in Traditional Networking Mode.Try to incorporate at least one new technique or online marketing outreach into your marketing plan monthly. Give it some time to see if this works before deleting the profile or conversation.
  2. Too Many Choices/Too Overwhelming.Do an online search for the top social networking sites specific to your market, region or industry and only focus on those sites. Ignore the others, they don’t matter unless they can directly connect you with new contacts in your target market.
  3. Concerned Social Networking Is Not Effective. Your main focus should be reaching new contacts and connecting with them; This is how you’re going to build your brand recognition and exposure. One of the best ways to do this is to blog; just be sure to provide valuable content to your potential customer or client. Make sure to respond to emails and comments when they land on your blog or site.
  4. Fear of Doing Something Wrong Online.If you’re worried about making a mistake online, post your concern. Let the group or site know that you’re new and ask for support or feedback. For the most part, you’ll learn that people online want to help you with your social networking experience.
  5. Lack of Privacy Online. Read the privacy settings thoroughly on social networking sites that you use.  This is when you follow your intuition: You can usually tell whether a person is sincere, professional and worth connecting with simply by checking his or her profile.   Again, it’s just like meeting someone new in person. As soon as an individual enters your space, if you are turned off by his or her energy, walk away.

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