Marketing Monday


Marketing MondayIt was a fabulous Monday today,

A fabulous Monday for Siouxland I say,

Even though Monday is not my favorite day,

I am hoping your Monday is more than okay,

When the Chamber’s Marketing Monday gets thrown your way!

The Great Communicators

Some people are just great communicators.

They generate a lot of support from all different walks of life.  These “masters of communication,” have figured out how to invest in people and make them the priority.  They don’t necessarily talk all the time, but when they do, great communicators comprehend and enunciate what their audience is thinking perfectly.

Is your business a great communicator?

If not, it is very important that you become one as quick as possible.  Being a good communicator is evolutionary.  You have to continue to read customers, react and learn from interactions with them.

I provided some tips below that I hope will aid you and your company grow in this very important aspect of marketing.

  • Maximize your mission statement
  • Choose your words with precision
  • Know your audience and where you can find them
  • Perfect your presentation of facts (Let the customer know what you offer and constantly improve that information)
  • Persuade the customer with clear and credible facts

These five tips will help you grow your base and communicate with the customer.  The most important thing to take away from all of this is remembering to GROW.

Continually, be tuned in to people and engage in conversation.  Books, blogs, internet, journals etc. are all great info. on how to build a business, but interaction with others is the key.  The easiest, most accessible resource walks by you every day, stands next to you in line and comes into your company.

I would appreciate anyone who is reading this blog to throw out names in the comments section of  the great communicators of our generation.  They can be public figures, businesses who you have seen from a distance or just people in the community.



2 Responses to “Marketing Monday”

  1. steven leonard

    Ronald Reagan is one that comes to mind the most. Also,Mcdonalds marketing is pretty systematic and I think they do a good job communicating their product.