Marketing Monday


Today’s marketing tip is a reminder to listen. Are you listening while using social media, or just yelling your message? Knowing what people are saying about you is just as important as what you have to say to them.

Here are a few tips for learning how to listen on the web:

  • Monitor your reputation. Reputation management programs allow you to see what is being said about you and your company. Programs vary, but the majority allow you to mark content where you are mentioned as either positive, negative, neutral, or your own content.
  • Answer questions. For those using Twitter this is essential. Use @ replies to answer questions about topics your business specializes in. This builds your social media credibility and could possibly get you a sale. Not using Twitter?¬†allows you to find what phrases are searched for key words relevant to your organization. (i.e. Here at the Chamber we search for phrases that include Siouxland Chamber)
  • Look for ways to help. Google has a feature that allows you to search blog content. This is allows you to find people who are talking about a topic relevant to your business. A few examples, search for people moving to the area, looking for places to eat, day care available, local events, etc. Once you find what you’re looking for comment on the blog to start a conversation.

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