#MemberMonday – Art SUX Gallery


How many years has the Art SUX Gallery been in Siouxland? We have been in business since 2019.

What services do you offer? Art SUX Gallery is located at 515 4th Street. We have over 20 artist studios and have a main gallery space for monthly and bimonthly exhibits as well as shows. We also have office space for a few photography, web design and interior design businesses.

Inside the building we created a space for Art SUX for kids (the left store front). This is where we hold events for kids to do craft and art projects for free. On the other side of the building store front is Hardline Coffee Co.

How many years has your business been a member of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce? We have been a member for almost two years.

What do you enjoy most about being a Chamber member? I think what I have enjoyed most about being a Chamber member are the Chamber employees. From support, ideas, opportunities and everything in between, I feel like everyone is rooting for us and making our success their success as well.

What is your favorite Chamber event/memory? My favorite Chamber event, for selfish reasons, was our ribbon cutting. I had dreamt about that day for 11+ years. It was one of the best days/events of my life.

What is a fun or surprising fact about your company/business? I’d say our name, Art SUX Gallery, is itself interesting. I named it in homage to our airport code as well as a tongue and cheek reply to some people’s artistic views and tastes. Whether you pronounce it “Soo” or “Sucks”, the idea it embodies is still the same.

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