#MemberMonday: Downtown Partners


How many years has your business been in Siouxland? We’ve been in Siouxland since 1988.

What services do you offer? Downtown Partners is a non-profit organization that works with stakeholders to create a vibrant, expanding downtown. We serve as a communication hub for downtown businesses. In this role, we collaborate with businesses that have similar needs and interests, we represent business through city processes, facilitate and coordinate revitalization efforts, encourage economic development, and promote Downtown Sioux City.

How many years has your business been a member of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce? We’ve been members for 30 years – since 1990!

What do you enjoy most about being a Chamber Member? We enjoy our partnership with one another, between the ribbon cuttings, community enhancement and Chamber members sitting on boards and different work groups of Downtown Partners, this is a partnership that makes perfect sense.

What is your favorite Chamber event/memory? Can you pick just one?

What is a fun or surprising fact about your company/business? Our company is a two person show. We work extensively with all the businesses and property owners in Downtown Sioux City, that’s 558 properties in addition to hundreds of businesses!

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