Extra! Extra! Chamber Giveaway a Great Success


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Howdy Siouxland!

We were delighted to see the reaction to the free tickets we gave

The Chamber Annual Dinner Crowd

The Chamber Annual Dinner Crowd

away to the Annual Dinner last night.    It sure didn’t take long to find our winner.  From the time of 3:18 p.m. to 3:21 our phones were ringing like crazy.

The winners of the free tickets were Chamber members Gary & Tammy Pech.  The Siouxland Chamber hopes they enjoyed the complimentary tickets and had a splendid time at our Annual Dinner.

We want to thank all of you who called and hope that you will continue to stay on top of the blog and the website because you never know what we may give away, what breaking news we may release, or what event we might cover.

So stay tuned…

Ian Banks, Social Media Intern

Annual Dinner Speaker James Bradley


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James Bradley

If you haven’t heard by now, the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual dinner tonight.  At this dinner, we welcome James Bradley as our key note speaker.

Here is a little background information about our esteemed guest…

James Bradley wrote the book Flags of our Fathers.   The book was a New York Times bestseller, and was taken from print and made into film by Academy Award winning actor and director, Clint Eastwood.  The book is an amazing read as it takes a before, during and after approach of the events that occured during WWII.  This panoramic view takes readers inside the story of one of the most famous pictures in U.S. history.

James Bradley’s father was one of the six men who raised the flag in Iwo

Plaque for James Bradley's father overlooking the "Sands of Iwo Jima"

Plaque for James Bradley's father overlooking the "Sands of Iwo Jima"

Jima.  This photo of six men in 1945 holding up the American flag made them icons and the picture became the most reproduced photograph in history.

Besides  a best-selling author, a riveting speaker and a scholar, James Bradley is a historian. Bradley spent a great deal of time studying and researching WWII on the Pacific.  Along with Flags of our Fathers, he wrote Flyboys and will soon release his third book, The Imperial Cruise.

In his speeches, Bradley addresses and embraces doing the impossible.   James Bradley’s talks about the men and women who dedicate their lives to taking the road less traveled every day.  No matter your line of work, he pays tribute to those who use their lives as a testament to how you should live.

Prepare to be moved and motivated by this man as he makes his way to Sioux City today to attend and speak at our annual dinner.

photos courtesy of  www.jamesbradley.com

-Ian, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Intern

Walk? Eat? Drink? Run? So many options in the Sioux City Metro!


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This weekend Siouxland has a lot going on and there are plenty of ways you can contribute to worthy causes in our community.

Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness–  Buddies for Life will host this walk on Saturday, September 19th to promote acceptance and awareness for individuals with down syndrome.  gigi

Registration will begin at 9 a.m. at North Middle School, 2101 Outer Drive North and the walk will begin at 10:15 a.m.

The walk organizers encourage everyone to invite their friends to come out and join them on the walk.  This involvement will promote the importance of understanding that we are all more alike than different.

The funds raised will go to Gigi’s Playhouse in Sioux City and will go to research projects for Down Syndrome Awareness and administration costs for Buddies for Life.

7th Annual Art in the Park ExhibitionThe exhibits can be seen in Latham Park on Saturday, September 19.  Rain or shine, come on out from  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and witness some magnificent art by some of the areas top artists.

The address is 1915 So. Lemon Street Sioux City, Iowa and if you would like to participate please contact Latham Park at 276-6016.

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, Nature Calls Fundraiser– Also, on Saturday September 19, at the Stoney Creek Inn’s River Bend Conference Center in Sioux City the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center will hold a Nature Calls Fundraiser.

Dawn Snyder, the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center Programs Director had this to say about the event:

“This event is casual and tons of fun.  We have people looking forward to it every year because of the relaxed atmosphere and unique combination of artists, beers and auction items.”

Sounds like a great time and advanced tickets can be purchased for $35 and are on sale now by contacting the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center at 712.258.0838 and tickets after September 17th are $45 each.

The proceeds from the event go to special educational programs and new exhibit enhancements at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center.

 The annual Chili and Salsa crowd enjoying taste tests

The annual Chili and Salsa crowd enjoying taste tests

 Chili & Salsa Cook OffDowntown celebrates its 16th annual Chili and Salsa Cook Off this Saturday September 19th.

This Sioux City favorite is back again and ready to heat up your Saturday.  Just come on down to 3rd and Pierce and the Central Bank parking lot at noon and witness area cooks competing against one another in a taste battle.

Big Brother Big Sisters will be organizing this year’s event. For registration information, please call Camilla Shimonek at 712-239-9890 Ext. 15 or e-mail cshimonek@bigbrotherbigsisters.com.

raceRace for HopeThis Saturday will also feature the annual June E. Nylen Cancer Center’s Race for Hope.  The event features 15k or 5k run or walk to be held on the beautiful trails of the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve.

All participants will be encouraged to bring friends and loved one’s out to support this great cause.  Participants will receive a race t-shirt, post race food and chance to win door prizes.

The registration will begin at 7:00 a.m. and the kids fun run and 15k will begin at 8:30 a.m. The 5k will follow at 9:30 a.m.  The event will take place in McCook Lake, South Dakota at the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve.  Entry fee is just $35 and is going to to a great cause and we all hope to see you there.

To view complete information of this event follow the link provdided.


Well, there is definitely a lot of things that you can get out there and enjoy this Saturday.  Hopefully, you’re as excited as I am to enjoy these great events.

-Ian, Social Media Intern

Positively Siouxland- School Safety


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This week’s Positively Siouxland features Chris McGowan speaking about something that is very close to everyone’s hearts…kids!  Check out the audio at the bottom and listen to some good advice from your Siouxland Chamber of Commerce…

siouxland cham

Positively Siouxland- School Safety

Marketing Monday


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Is this a pyramid resting on top or a hollow cylinder? Things aren't always what they seem. Use blog tips to apply to your marketing strategy.

Is this a pyramid tower or a hollow cylinder? Things aren't always what they seem. Use blog tips to apply to your marketing strategy.

Sometimes as businesses we feel as though we always need to create the best idea, the freshest concept or the newest product line. What we often  forget, is that while creativity is important to marketing, its also is great to brainstorm from others’ ideas and think of how that could apply to your business. We found a great article on another blog listing 100 Ways to Improve your Blog. There are some great tips on how to really make your blog work (our favorites listed below). Don’t have a blog? Apply these concepts directly to your marketing strategy!

1. Keep An Idea Incubator

Don’t take it easy, take it as it comes. Find a place where you store your ideas. Writing only from instant inspiration is totally unproductive. Besides, chances are that your most valuables ideas will come when you’re not able to blog them. So, create an incubator and let them grow.

6. Be Constant

Be there constantly. Create a habit not only for you, but for your readers. Once you establish a connection with them, they will expect you to be there. Whenever you feel the need to give up, remember you will going to disappoint more than yourself.

10. Be Authentic

Don’t play the mister know it all, dare to be personal and transparent. Always. A blog is the ultimate expression of an individual. Don’t waste time trying to be perfect, just be better. If you’re wrong, so be it. Remember, you’re unique. Nobody can be you.

17. Break Your Post Into Eatable Chunks

One of the easiest yet most ignored practices in the blogging business. Don’t write like you’re running a marathon. Break the posts in smaller chunks. It will not only help your SEO [search engine optimization], but it will create a much more clear writing approach. You’ll actually think better.

18. Link To Yourself

Don’t be shy about what you write and don’t wait for ever that your posts will be discovered by others. Link to yourself as often as you can. This practice, also known as interlinking, is also good for SEO, but its main advantage will be to create a greater awareness of your content. Even for you.

31. Don’t Quit

The most important tip of all. Don’t quit. Breaking through gets harder and harder, and in the first 6 months you can barely scratch the surface. Stay there and do your daily job even the results are so slow to show. At some point, you’ll be successful. But if you quit, you won’t. That’s for sure.

41. Your Blog Header Is Your Identity

Pay attention to your blog header, that’s where the blog title is usually placed. People will remember your blog by visually recreating that zone. If it’s too crowded it will be hard to memorize. I Always recommend to keep your header as clean as possible, in order to be easily remembered.

67. Comment On Other Blogs

Find at least 10-15 blogs you really like and make a habit out of commenting on them. Not only you will get to know a lot of interesting and potentially useful players in this area, but you will generate a lot of links and buzz. Don’t brutally say: “Hi, visit my blog”, say something meaningful and they will eventually want to know more about you.

-Beth Trejo, Director of Investor Relations

*photo courtesy of alpha_prashanth

The Life of Siouxland-Floyd River Flood of 1892


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This past spring it rained and rained, especially compared to the last seven or eight years.  This carried over to the summer and we have had one of the coolest summers on record.floyd river

In the spring of 1892, extremely rainy springs were not a rarity in Siouxland.

Like many springs before, natives had seen the winter snow melt and the pre-summer rains fluctuate the Missouri and Floyd Rivers to the point where the rising waters were an indicator that summer wasn’t far away.

1892 was different…much different.

It rained constantly for three weeks and on May 16th it never slowed down, it rained, rained, rained..

The brutal rains of May 16th, made the Floyd River on May 17th rise, but the general public wasn’t concerned.  They were conditioned to the rains that had graced them every year and thought this was just like any other year in Siouxland.  Early, the next morning a wave of muddy water terrorized the city.  Citizens were not ready for what had been brewing.  This being 1892, people evacuated to the trees, their house roofs and the elevated railroad line to gain safe haven from the rapid and swift waters from that brutal rain on the 16th.

The hilly terrain north of Sioux City received the majority of the rain.  Leeds was the area hit the hardest by the flood as water stormed through the streets.  They had set up precaution levees that were built to hold rain back, and to the dismay of may city organizers, held the rain in.  Over 3,000 people were left homeless.  The lumber yards, stock yards and railroads all suffered severe damage.

The death toll rose to ten that day and the next day it rose to twenty-five. It was said that it cost the city over a half-million dollars.  In 1892, that was a nearly insurmountable figure.  A Swedish immigrant by the name of Andrew G. Anderson spent the day rescuing people.  A talented swimmer and handy with a boat, he dedicated the following days saving the lives of Sioux Cityans that had fallen victim to mother nature.

Mr.  Anderson was said to have saved over twenty-seven people that day and died trying to rescue another family.  In his dedication, a monument was built in Logan Park to commend this brave soul.

This was the second most deadly flood in Sioux City history…

101 Ways to Take Advantage of the Chamber!


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Howdy Siouxlanders! What another fantastic day, this weather is incredible; not too hot, not too cold…Perfect!

Well, you know what Thursday means…That’s right, time to get out ten more ways you and your business can take advantage of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce.  chamber_site

And now the main event…

21) Online Promotion– Do my job for just a little bit, and be featured on our blog.  That’s right, you can post a guest article on our blog or we can “tweet” about your business.  With the seal of the Siouxland Chamber on it, be a guest blogger!

22) Talk to Beth– If you’re a Chamber member or interested in becoming a Chamber member let Beth Trejo, Director of Investor Relations, help you.  She will set up a meeting with you and brainstorm various ideas on how she can help you and your company get the most out of your membership with the Chamber. 🙂

23) Ground Breaking, Ribbon Cuttings, & Open Houses- We’ve already mentioned what it can do for a new company.  If you are already a Chamber member, you can jump in and join new chamber memberships in welcoming into the community.  This builds instant business and personal relationships that will last for a life time.

24) Let’s help build the Business– Starting a new business can be hard, especially if you are all by yourself.  Whether its an entrepenuership or a partnership feel free to to get advice from us.  Let us help you with advice, ideas and just understanding the community and where your product can fit in.

25) Reputation Notification- Statistics provided by The Schapiro Group show that being a member of the Chamber is an effective way to show consumers that your business is of good practice, involved in the community and cares about customers.

26) Know what we Know- Every Chamber of Commerce is suppose to be ahead of the curve in their economy.  We take pride in it and we want you to know what we know.  Picture us as a warehouse full of information on current business trends and public policies.

27) Forget the Myth, Embrace the fact–  It is a common myth amongst people in the community that a Chamber of Commerce is a govt. agency, funded by the city government.  The fact is that we lobby for you and we are businessmen and women alike aimed for your success.  It’s the best of both worlds because we have influence in both sectors, but geared toward your success.

28) Job Creation–  We want you to succeed, because we want Siouxland to succeed.  Come in and let’s get your business started not just for you or for us, but for the community.  It’s a fact, that one of our main goals is JOB CREATION.

29)  Bridge Connections–  We don’t have to do it for you, you can get involved as well.  Support Pro-Business legislation and meet your legislative officials.  Being a member of the Chamber can open lots of doors in the political arena for the community and local business.

30)  Community Involvement–  The Chamber has a number of things they get involved outside of for profit business, like the Boundless Playground at Leif Erikson Park.  You can easily be involved and make donations towards building the community as a Chamber member.

Well, that’s all for now Siouxland.  It’s close to being the weekend.  Have a fabulous today and until next time…tell a foe or tell a friend about the great things happening in Siouxland!

Sioux City, Full Steam Ahead!


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The list of awards the Siouxland area has started to rake in, in different facets of business & community growth have been long and distinguished over the last couple of years.  The Chamber has been walking side by side with business developers and the community throughout this journey of continually improving Sioux City.

We are proud to say that Siouxland has been recognized nationally…again.

In the August issue of  the Business Facilities magazine, which is publishedBusiness Facilities out of Tinton Falls, New Jersey, ranks Sioux City metro first in the nation for “Food Processing Industry Growth.” Sioux City also earned recognition as the third best metro in the United States for “Metro Economic Growth Potential” among communities with populations under 200,000.

Debi Durham, President of The Siouxland Initiative, made this statement about the rankings:

“It is rewarding to see our region recognized on a national scale for the very things that have compelled so many of us to make this community our permanent home.”

Business Facilities was founded back in 1968, serving as a national site selection magazine.  It has been publishing power rankings of all 50 states for the last five years.  This is the first year they have included rankings of “cities, towns, & MSA’S.” For the last 40 years, Business Facilities have presented monthly news and resources for corporate executives.

We appreciate being included in these rankings. Here at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce we look forward to striving forward and achieving more as we press onward not only to gain recognition, but to give Siouxlanders every opportunity they need in our community.

Remember To Vote!


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It is a very important day for education in Siouxland…

Make sure you get out today and let your voice be heard at this year’s Sioux City School Board Election.

At the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, we understand that there are school kids.1many things that you are considering while trying to choose who to vote for.  When we look out at Sioux City, the Chamber sees a couple of things that are of the utmost importance in this year’s School Board Elections.

Along side the Good Government Committee, the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce went through a process that entailed interviews and evaluations of the candidates that will be elected today.  We take part in this process to better enhance the community and promote informed voting that will be beneficial to our area & its members.

school kidsFirst and foremost, the primary goal is that the candidates harness their efforts toward evaluating & promoting student achievement.  These candidates, if elected, need to help students understand the importance of not “just getting by,” but by striving above and beyond.  They have to be passionate about the job and willing to make decisions that will harbor effective learning, coupled with critical thinking.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter if your managing your life, a business, local government or national government, you have to practice fiscal responsibility.  This idea is simple and easy in the beginning, but being responsible with a budget is hard to do.  It’s a daunting task and one where we need to choose the right people to lead and make tough decisions about where we want our money allocated.

With that being said, based on our evaluations and recommendations from the Good Government Committee, the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce endorses Dough Batcheller, Nancy Mounts & Molly Williams.  We believe that these three candidates would practice the criteria listed above with passion, diligence and respect for the values of our community.

The polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at these locations:

-Heartland Community Church, 3601 Country Club Blvd.

-Central Assembly of God, 2300 W. 19th St.

-West Middle School, 3301 W. 19th St.

-Emerson School, 2410 W. First St.

-Riverside School, 2303 Riverside Blvd.

-Faith Lutheran Church, 3101 Hamilton Blvd.

-Crescent Park School, 1114 W. 27th St.

-Mount Zion Baptist Church, 1421 Gene, a St.

-Lincoln School, 115 Midvale

-Clark School, 4315 Hamilton Blvd. (plus Plymouth County residents)

-Lamb Productions, 417 Market St.

-Boys and Girls Home, 2101 Court St.

-Sioux City Transit System, 2505 Fourth St. (Plus Concord Township residents)

-Boys and Girls Home, 2101 Court St.

-Unity School, 1901 Unity Ave.

-Trimble United Methodist Church, 1424 27th St.

-Bryant School, 821 30th St.

-Calvary Lutheran Church, 4410 Central St.

-North Middle School , 2101 Outer Drive North

-Nodland School, 5000 Mayhew Ave.

-Washington Heights Chapel, 2600 S. St. Mary’s St.

-Morningside Branch Library, 4005 Morningside Ave.

-Community Action Agency of Siouxland, 2700 Leech Ave.

-Morningside Lutheran Church, 700 S. Martha St.

-Eppley Auditorium, 3625 Garretson Ave.

-East Middle School, 5401 Lorraine Ave. (Plus Woodbury Township residents)

-St. James United Methodist Church, 2032 S. Cypress St.

-Irving School, 901 Floyd Blvd.

Positively Siouxland


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This week’s Positively Siouxland features Chris Mcgowan recognizing two area colleges that have recently received national recognition.  Listen here to learn more about these prestigious schools!

siouxland cham

Positively Siouxland