Chamber Weekly Update 6.17.09


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This week’s update is from Chamber’s Intern , Zach Andersen.  Zach talks a little bit about what his experience at the Chamber has been like. Don’t miss weekly updates from the Chamber every Wednesday.

My Final Post.


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Zach's AvatarSo long, farewell, it’s a sad day in the office for “The Intern” Zach.  My time here is complete.  I have logged the necessary hours to seal my diploma. It is time to venture into the “real world”.  I will never forget my experience here as an intern at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, that is for sure.  The office staff here is second to none. I have learned a lot about this great town of Sioux City.

Social media will continue to grow like crazy and I have a feeling the Siouxland Chamber is going to continue to stay on the cutting edge of it. Keep up with their updates!!  I never thought a college wrestler would learn to like office life like I did. Also, I am now addicted to twitter, and I’m pretty sure it’s my fault and not the jobs…feel free to follow my ramblings. (Zander184) I hope you have all enjoyed my words, and maybe someday a Chamber intern will be blogging about my new business, whatever that may be. It was a pleasure writing.

The Intern,


Boomerang Generation


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785073_boomerangThe current generation of young adults has been called many things, one of them being the Boomerang Generation. We got this title because many of us will leave home for a short period of time (college, vocational training, etc.) and then boomerang a.k.a return home to our places of origin to start our professional careers.

Siouxland is seeing its fair share of “boomerangs” return. Laura Giese, an associate at the office of Drs. Wheelock and Bursick General Dentistry, said that after she finished school returning to Sioux City was the best choice. “After spending eight years at Creighton University in Omaha, NE, receiving my undergraduate and dental degrees, it was time to make that big decision—where should I practice?  Born and raised in Sioux City, IA, it was my intention to stay close to home without being home.  Needless to say, Omaha, Minneapolis, Kansas City and other surrounding areas—none of these stacked up to the experiences I knew I would receive right back at home in Sioux City, at Drs. Wheelock and Bursick General Dentistry.”

Not only are young professionals coming back to Siouxland to start their careers, they’re impacting the community in big ways. The Sioux City Growth Organization (Sioux City GO) was formed in 2002 to encourage young professionals to become active members of the Siouxland community. Sioux City GO also works to attract and retain young professionals in the area.

Are you a young professional in Siouxland? Comment on this post to share why you enjoy being back in the area.

Marketing Monday


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Today’s marketing tip is from Duct Tape Marketing‘s Josh Jantsch. Below are his steps for starting your own marketing campaign. The full article can be found at

  • Review a description and perhaps even photos of ideal customers
  • Review a list of trigger phrases customers say out loud or to themselves when expressing a need for what you sell
  • Review and practice answering this question in a marketing way – What do you do for living?
  • Review and practice telling someone the most impactful way to describe the value your organization brings in 30 seconds or less
  • Answer at least one phone or written customer/prospect inquiry, no matter your job title
  • Call one customer and ask them to share something they need, want, like or dislike about doing business with your organization
  • Review a list of stated organization or personal marketing goals and the indicators used to track them.

Have a marketing or advertising question you want answered? Send all questions (or your own marketing advice) to Marketing tips are posted every Monday.

An Open House with Personality


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This afternoon I attended the ribbon cutting and open house for Rejuvenation Centre (319 Dakota Dunes Blvd). Every event is always a little different, and this one didn’t disappoint. The open house was complete with gift bags, prizes, and bingo. Although it seems a little odd to find bingo cards at a business open house, the idea was fantastic. In order to get your card stamped you had to tour the new Rejuvenation Centre facilities and visit with staff and sales reps. It was a great way to get people interested and informed about products and services. Personal touches and thinking outside the box, i.e. bingo at an open house, turn good events into great ones.SarahSignature copy

Chamber Trivia


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Question: Who was the architect of the Grandview Park Band Shell?

Trivia Logo Siouxland

Think you know…comment on this post with your answer for your chance at a great prize. Trivia questions will be posted each Friday with anwers and winners announced the following Thursday.

Getting Rid Of Your Old Magic Box?


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Tired of looking at that old 32” TV that you don’t use because it’s so outdated…plus it’s also about 32” deep in the age of inch thick flat panels. Also getting up to change the channels is NOT a real form of exercise!  The Sioux City Environmental Board is hosting an E-waste Collection/ Recycling Event.  So come get rid of your piles of old electronics.old tv

  • Where: Tyson Event Center Parking Lot
  • When: June 27, 2009
  • Drop off details: *Minimal fee charged, cash only( monitors and TV’s $5, Computers and VCRs $2, small misc. $1) *Bring any electronics- VCRs, phones, stereos, gaming systems, TVs, computers, printers, fax machines, cell phones, digital cameras, video cameras, etc. (No large appliances)
  • Money collected will go for community recycling education.

For more information on the event contact Ellen Myer, Environmental Services Manager (712)279-6957

And the Winner is…


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Last week the question was asked: Can you name the song these lyrics belong to? I drove a herd of cattle down from old Nebraska way, That’s how I came to be in the state of Iowa.”

And the answer is: Sioux City Sue


Congratulations to this week’s winner Amy Anderson. Everyone that answered correctly was entered in a drawing for this weeks prize, 2 tickets to Friday’s on the Promenade! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next Chamber Trivia Question.

Would your business like to sponsor a Trivia Question? Contact Donate a prize and be featured on our blog.

Clean Up The Mizzou!


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Missouri River Relief- Siouxland Clean-Up  ’093567815879_7882402bdc

Last years clean up was a great success with a huge turnout.  This years Missouri River Relief is going to be even bigger!  There is a large group of Siouxland river enthusiasts and Siouxland partners on the board this year to make this years even better than the last.  Volunteers  from all over the area are all pitching in.  Don’t worry, for all the storms we’ve had in the past year there will be plenty of trash for everyone…   Last year there was around 15 tons of trash taken off the Mizzou.   This year, lets get 15 more tons and then some!

Clean-up Time 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  SATURDAY,  June 27th

For more info on whats going on, where to go, what you get, and what to bring go to: