Positively Siouxland


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Radio Update by Siouxland Initiative Executive Vice President, Chris McGowan.

Schools out for Summer

Track and Field Results

Getting the Most of Their Chamber Membership


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Hear how Expert Satellite (DIRECTV and WildBlue retailer) is putting their Chamber membership to work in their latest radio ad.

Weekly Update


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Don’t miss the Siouxland Chamber’s Weekly Update every Wednesday

Do you YouTube


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Here’s a good example of a Siouxland business using social media to promote their services. Goodwill Industries recently posted a video on YouTube about contract services they offer.


Does your organization want to give YouTube a try? intern@siouxlandchamber.com can help you get started.

Social Networking: More Than Updates on What You ate for Lunch


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Today I met with a business interested in learning more about social media. It’s exciting to see local groups jumping on the social networking bandwagon. Technology is constantly changing, but social networks are actually fairly easy to maintain once you get started.

Here are a few tips for starting social media at your business:

  • Decide what your ultimate goal is before you start. Who do you want to reach? What information do you want to provide? What is your message?
  • Determine which platforms will work best to convey your message. There are literally hundreds of programs out there. Some of the most popular (and free) include WordPress, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Before you join social networks make sure you have someone committed to updating them. Although it doesn’t take long, it is important to update your media at least once a day. If you’re only going to make a few posts a week you won’t see the results you’re looking for.
  • Link, link, and then link again. Once you have all of your outlets up and running, don’t forget to link them to each other to increase viewer traffic. For example, include a feed with your Twitter updates on your blog.
  • Don’t get discouraged. If you’re not familiar with these platforms they can be frustrating to understand at first. Email intern@siouxlandchamber.com to set up a social media meeting to learn more about what social networking can do for your business.SarahSignature copy

Spotted around Siouxland


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Siouxland Chamber Director of Investor Relations, Beth Trejo, and Social Media Intern, Sarah Thiele, spotted at Famous Daves

Siouxland Chamber Director of Investor Relations, Beth Trejo, and Social Media Intern, Sarah Thiele, spotted at Famous Daves

Want to see your face on our blog? We’re at local events and businesses looking to spot you, or send pictures of yourself out enjoying Siouxland to intern@siouxlandchamber.com

A Different Look at Your Dollars


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After posting the video on spending locally ,the recent commercial featuring Debi Durham and Chris McGowan, I thought about what would happen if some of our local businesses were forced to close because of lack of profits.  I know I am only a college student but I still have some favorite locals I can support.  Think about which  independently owned stores you’d miss most if they were not here anymore.  Your contribution is what keeps that business a float.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor (2/6/09) If half the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate more than 42.6 Billion in revenue.  For every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.  If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays here.  Spend it online and nothing comes home.

Pick a few locals and support them.  Here are three of my favorites, among many.

1. Bob Roe’s Point After Pizza and Lounge– gotta love “Wings Wednesday”

2. Sioux City Theaters (Promenade Cinema 14, Riveria Theater, Southern Hills 12)-  I’m a movie fanatic what can I say.

3. Jolly Time Pop Corn– The greatest snack ever.  Remember I like movies , the two pretty much go hand in hand.

Just imagine if Siouxlanders picked a few local businesses to support more often, and what impact that would have on the local economy.   Just try it, pick a few,  spend a few, and save your local economy.

The Intern,

– Zach


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Legislators Chuck Soderberg (House District 3), Christopher Rants (House District 54), Roger Wendt (House District 2), and Steven Warnstadt (Senate District 1) joined us for a legislative wrap-up at the Chamber this morning. Each shared highlights of the session and their opinion of what is to come.

Warnstadt spoke first highlighting some of the legislation that was pasted this session. He said that community attraction and tourism efforts will help Sioux City. Warnstadt also said that the Historic Tax Credits bill will be beneficial for Siouxland.

Wendt said that disaster relief was a big focus of the session and will continue. He did highlight preschool education saying that 90 percent of kids (age 3-4) could attend preschool right now if they wanted.

Rants spoke about the downfalls he saw this session. “We made it tougher on small business,” he said. He also said that there is an attitude that we don’t want people to know what we’re doing and that has to change. Rants spoke highly of the Highway 20 project and said that things are always moving forward even if we can’t see it.

Soderberg discussed the bonding issue, and summed up the session by saying that essentially we had less revenue but increased spending. He also said that now is not the time to push labor bills such as choice of doctor and collective bargaining for teachers.

Legislation passed this session to date:

  • Data Centers – SF 478 (Chamber supported)
  • Fright Rail Investment – HF 822 (Chamber supported)
  • Historic Tax Credits – SF 481 (Chamber supported)
  • Iowa Statewide Poison Control Center Funding – HF 811 (Chamber supported)
  • Renewable Energy R & D Tax Credit – SF 478 (Chamber supported)
  • Research Credit – SF 483
  • Targeted Jobs Withholding Tax Credit – SF 304 (Chamber supported)
  • Transportation Appropriations – HF 805 (Chamber supported)
  • Vision Iowa (CAT & RECAT Funding) – SF 376 (Chamber supported)

A complete Iowa Legislative Wrap-Up will be sent to all Chamber members once the governor’s timetable for signing bills ends next week.

Meet New Chamber Member: Drug Screen Consultants


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IMG_1531Welcome to the Chamber’s newest member Drug Screen Consultants inc. Amy Trosper, owner and drug test consultant, spoke about her new business at a Ribbon Cutting and Open House held at the Chamber today.

Drug Screen Consultants inc. is a national company that helps businesses and parents find and confront drugs in their office and home. Services include in office drug screenings, assessment of substances found, and programming to help keep businesses drug-free.

Visit http://www.screen4drugs.com/ for more information about the services and benefits of Drug Screen Consultants for your business.

Spend Locally Siouxland Commercial


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The Siouxland Chambers own Debi Durham (President), and Chris McGowan (Siouxland Initiative) along with Rich Waller (President & CEO) of Security National Bank were featured in a CableONE Advertising commercial about the local economy.  The commercial encourages siouxlanders to look inward and spend locally.  In the harsh economic times carefully spending and buying locally will help get us through.  Our economy will continue to grow while we spend.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9z4mDPSjp4]

“Stay Confident Siouxland” 🙂