The Siouxland Initiative Recognized Amongst the Nation’s Best


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For the second year in a row The Siouxland Initiative (TSI), the economic development arm of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Local Economic Development Groups in the nation for 2008. Today, the annual rankings were announced at the Industrial Asset Management Council’s (IMAC) semi-annual conference in Asheville, North Carolina. There to accept the award was TSI President Debi Durham and Executive Vice President Chris McGowan. The two accepted the award in front of around 500 corporate real estate executives, site selection consultants, and economic development professionals.

The economic development groups were ranked by four different types of criteria. The Criteria included: creation of new jobs, new jobs per 10,000 residents, the dollar amount of new capital investment, and new investment per 10,000 residents. Other factors like innovation, leadership, and customer service were taken into consideration.

Many people might not realize what a prestigious award this is for the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce and the Siouxland area. Just to name a few of the other top ten’s: The Greater Houston Partnership of Texas, The Dayton Development Coalition of Ohio, and World Business of Chicago. As you can see the Siouxland Chamber is sizing up very well around the nation in terms of economic development. In the economy we live in today, an award like this means a lot because it shows that the TSI is working hard to bring jobs and opportunities to the Siouxland Area. Being part of the Siouxland Chamber, I’m proud to see all the hard work  paying off for The Siouxland Initiative and look forward to the continual growth of the region.

The Intern,


Evie’s Hallmark Bursts with Color & Fun


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Congratulations are in order for bringing spring (and color) indoors at Evie’s Hallmark in Sioux City. 

Ribbon Cutting Evie's Hallmark 4.30.09A Ribbon Cutting was held by the Siouxland Chamber today to celebrate the opening of a new location for Evie’s Hallmark in the Marketplace Plaza. I was impressed to learn that Evie’s is one of the largest gift retailers in the Midwest. Not only do they have their signature cards and accessories, but they have home goods and unique items perfect for gift giving. We’re excited to have Evie and her team involved with the Chamber!

Blogging For Bloggers


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We’re getting linked up!  We have just recently added a new link portion to our blog. The link or blogroll is located on the right side at the bottom of all our widgets.  We have a few other friends that have great blogs to check out.  We have a link to the Sioux City Journal blog which has a number of different topics and feature bloggers “It’s not just news”.  typing-on-a-keyboardAnother link is the Pro-Link Realty blog, they have lots of different post on things from steps to selling your house in the right market to what the nations mortgage rates are looking like.  Lastly we have a link to Night Life SUX, they have all the necessary information you need to know on getting your night life started in the Siouxland area.  We’ll being adding more links in the future so don’t forget to check it out.

*If your a member of the  Siouxland Chamber with a blog and want to be linked up  just let us know!

The Intern


Legislative Alert


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On behalf of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce we would like to thank all who actively participated in the Legislative process this session by responding to our legislative alerts.

Now that the session has concluded, the Chamber would like to thank our local legislators for their assistance in passing the following pro-growth initiatives included in our 2009 Agenda:

Freight Rail Investment
The Legislature will commit $5 million over the next three years to improve rail lines in Iowa. This will service manufacturers in the state.

Targeted Jobs Withholding Tax Credit
This extends for three more years the Border City bill, an existing economic development tool.

Renewable Energy R & D Tax Credit (signed by Governor)
The bill dedicates $1 million in tax credits from the Values Fund.

Data Center Bill
This legislation allows smaller companies to take advantage of incentives similar to Google and Microsoft.

Historic Tax Credits
This legislation raises the cap on historic tax credits from $20 million to $50 million.

While these bills have all passed the legislature, not all have been signed by the Governor. Governor Culver has 30 days to sign the bills. Please contact him at 515.281.5211 or use the email link below and encourage him to sign these bills into law.

Governor Culver

If you would like to share your personal appreciation with our legislators, please contact them at the e-mail addresses provided below.

Local Legislators

Rep. Dan Huseman
Rep. Christopher Rants
Rep. Chuck Soderberg
Rep. Roger Wendt
Rep. Wes Whitead

Senator Randy Feenstra
Senator Steve Warnstadt
Senator Ron Wieck


The Windy State?


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It’s more than just corn and beans that can be harvested in Iowa.  Did you know Iowa, especially the Siouxland area, is a prime spot for wind energy?  Wind levels are categorized in classes, with classes three or higher being harvest-able wind for energy.  The Siouxland area has some advantages: being located on I-29, being smack in the middle of all other major interstates (I-94, I-90, I-80, and I-70), and having the class three level winds. wind-usage-map2-copy

Iowa ranks # 1 in the nation for Bioenergy Investments according to Business Facilities magazine.  Iowa is also recognized by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) as # 2 in the nation for “existing capacity” for wind energy projects.

Looking at all these facts it makes perfect sense for wind energy  to be greatly considered for the Siouxland area.  Siouxland’s close proximity to wind resources and unparalleled access to major transportation outlets makes Siouxland the ideal location for wind turbine, blade and component manufacturing.

The Intern


My last day as an intern


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Today is my last day interning for the Siouxland Chamber because I’m moving away for the summer. It’s been a great experience working here as a social media intern. What did I learn? One of the most beneficial things I can take away from this internship is the first-hand knowledge I gained on all things web 2.0. Blogs and all other forms of social media are only getting bigger and bigger. Businesses should not be afraid of utilizing these great tools. Overcoming the fear of social networking can have many benefits as made clear by the April 26 article in the Sioux City Journal. The Siouxland Chamber of Commerce is definitely leading by example and I’m so glad I got to be a part of this. 🙂

Goodbye for now, Alicia

Have You Checked Our Business Directory Lately?


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New to town? Can’t find the business you’re looking for?

The Siouxland Chambers of Commerce Business directory is a great source for accurate, reliable, and uptodate information.  Go online to the Commerce’s website, under the “About the Chamber” heading click business directory and then browse the many different categories of your choice.  The business directory lists the names, addresses, phone numbers and even links to the member web pages.  Sometimes finding the creditable business is not always an easy job for even a Siouxland local, that’s why the business directory is a great source to utilize.


Social Media Intern

Social networking: a global affair


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twitter-bird3There are literally hundreds of social networking and social media sites on the internet today. As you can imagine, certain sites are more popular in some parts of the globe than others. By using Google Insights for Search, I was able to find statistics on regional interest for websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The google site shows social network popularity around the world. Let’s start with Twitter. Eight months ago, Twitter was most popular in Japan. Today, Japan ranks 9th on the list while the United States takes the number one spot. Here’s a map from google showing Twitter usage by location. Darker blue means most popularity.


Besides Twitter, Siouxland Chamber is involved in a number of other social websites. We’ll just look at a few of these. Take LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site. It is more prominent in India and the Netherlands than the states but its popularity is definitely rising here.

What about Facebook? This trendy site hit 200 million users on April 8th. Its popularity is growing more and more in America, however it’s most popular in Turkey and Croatia. A different site the Chamber has recently become very active on is Flickr. The photo sharing site is used most by the UK while the United States is 5th on the usage list.

It is interesting to see where these sites are most popular and it changes monthly like most trends. However, looking at the patterns, it’s easy to see that popularity of most social networking sites is growing and will probably continue to grow in the United States. It would be interesting to find out WHY certain sites are more popular in some countries over others. Maybe demographics play a role? Whatever the influence comes from, social sites like Twitter are Facebook are probably here to stay.

-Alicia, the intern

Keeping Siouxland FULL-filled


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For many, the thought of your next meal is just that–a thought. But for hundreds of people in our community hunger is Food Bank of Siouxlandsomething mothers, brothers and children live with sometimes on a daily basis. I had a chance to sit down with Linda Scheid the Executive Director at the Siouxland Food Bank yesterday. Although I was familiar with what the food bank does(provides food to Agencies who then distribute), I didn’t realize the large area they serve–14 counties!

Linda also described to me the need for volunteers and financial supporters. This past year they took advantage of the Chamber mailing list (a perk available to Chamber members!) and sent out a request to help with their Backpack Program. From that mailing list alone they were able to generate over $10,000 toward feeding the hungry in Siouxland. As a Chamber dedicated to improving the community, that’s music to our ears:-)

-Beth Trejo

Director of Investor Relations, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

Earth Day 2009


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Earth Day

Every little bit helps!
It’s Earth Day and everywhere around the world people are doing there part whether it be drive less, leave the lights off, clean up a part of town, or recycle.  The fight for a clean environment continues. We invite you to be a part of history and a part of Earth Day. Here are some easy steps you can take on Earth Day that we are doing here at the chamber.

At the Office:
• Recycle paper – do you have a separate “Recycle” waste basket at your desk just for office paper, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, etc?
• Recycle cardboard -do not throw cardboard boxes away! Flatten them and then recycle.
• Eliminate unnecessary photocopying
• Do you really need to print that e-mail? If not, save paper by saving the e-mail into a file on your computer for future reference.

At Home:
• Plant a tree
• Replace air conditioner/furnace filters as recommended.
• Keep your tires properly inflated, saves on rubber and roads
• Use a low-flow showerhead
• Use cold water to wash clothes.
• Keep your water heater insulated
• Turn off what you’re not using and unplug electronics you’re not using.
• Run your dishwasher only when it’s full

Now go out and do something about it!
The Intern