Property Taxes on Multi-Unit Residential Dwellings


Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Member,

Eager to address the State of Iowa’s 22% “equalization order,” which increases property taxes on multi-unit residential dwellings in Sioux City (this includes apartments, town-homes, assisted living centers, nursing homes, etc.), on Monday, October 24, 2021, Mayor Bob Scott, Siouxland Chamber President Chris McGowan, and Chamber Executive Vice President Barbara Sloniker traveled to Des Moines to meet with the Iowa Department of Revenue leadership at the state capitol.  This delegation from Sioux City met with the Director of the Iowa Department of Revenue, Kraig Paulsen, as well the Department’s legal counsel and policy advisor.

While Sioux City leaders will continue to explore all options to resolve this situation, there is no guaranteed outcome, so we urge local property owners to preserve their rights and file their appeals before the imminent deadline.  The only real estate affected by this equalization order are properties located within Sioux City and classified as multi residential.  Affected taxpayers would have received mailed notice of an increase of their valuation prior to October 8, 2021.

The deadline for Sioux City property owners to file their appeals is this Monday, November 1, 2021, and appeals must be received or postmarked that day.  Protests may filed by mail, in person, or by electronic mail.  To assist in the process, the Sioux City Assessor has put into action an appeal program located on its Beacon website.  Go to and click on Online Appeal Program tab.  There, the property to be appealed can be looked up, and at the bottom of the screen the Sioux City Board of Review Petition is located with a blue box directly below it that can be clicked on.  Taxpayers can fill out the appeal form, attach additional documents (including income and expense forms) and pictures, and then transmit the information to the Board of Review in one step.  Emailed submissions will be also accepted at  Taxpayers are encouraged to providing supporting information for with their protests, which may include income and expense information.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to multi-unit residential property owners with properties within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Sioux City.

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