Recapture Saturday in the Park


Saturday in the Park was a tremendous hit this year on 4th of July at sat in the parkGrandview Park.  Siouxland really stepped up and made it a day to remember.  We were blessed with great weather, atmosphere, food vendors and musical performances.

It’s not over though…

Luckily, that great day isn’t gone yet. IPTV is going to run a one hour special Thursday night starting at 8 p.m., that will recapture the sights and sounds of Saturday in the Park 2009.  If you have some time make sure to tune in to Iowa’s Public Television and who knows you might just find yourself on T.V.!

One Response to “Recapture Saturday in the Park”

  1. steven leonard

    This was really fun to see, even though I didn’t see me. We spotted my wife in the crowd though!