Remembering Flight 232


Twenty years ago on July 19th, United Flight 232 crashed at the Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, Iowa. The flight was in route from Denver to Chicago when all three of the aircraft’s hydraulic systems were destroyed due to uncontained engine failure.

Picture 006Throughout this week the Chamber blog will remember the crew, passengers, and community response to this tragedy that occurred 20 years ago. You’re invited to share your own memories. Directly comment on any post, or send your story to

A brief memorial will be held at the riverfront this Sunday, July 19th, at 4 p.m. The Chaplain Greg Clapper will preside. For more information contact the Siouxland Chamber 712-255-7903

One Response to “Remembering Flight 232”

  1. Judy Smith

    I will always remember the crash of Flight 232. I was working at St Lukes in Pediatrics at the time. The Bailey boys were in Intensive Care along with another little girl from the Boston area. The night of the crash, the phone calls were coming in faster then we could handle. People were calling to see if their relatives might be a patient. It was a difficult time but the people of Siouxland did what they had to do.