Remembering United 232: The Nation’s Response


Yesterday you saw how Siouxland responded to the United 232 crash, today we’re looking at how the nation responded to Siouxland. Following the crash letters started to flood city hall.

  • The city of Midland, Texas, picked Sioux City as the recipient of its Community Spirit Award for 1989. The award was presented by President George Bush, a former Midland resident, in the Oval Office.
  • United 232 survivor David Landsberger “The openness, hospitality, warmth and simple caring that each and every person I met showed me, was more restoring than anything else that I could have had. Each of us survivors needed our faith in life given back to us, and the citizens of Sioux City were the ones who gave it to us.”
  • President George Bush “I am sure I speak for many when I commend the extraordinary efforts of the airport personnel, rescue teams, National Guardsmen, and local citizens who rushed to the crash scene to offer aid. The compassion and generosity demonstrated by the entire Sioux City community in the wake of this catastrophe has been overwhelming.”
  • Former Secretary of Transportation, Samuel K. Skinner “From helping victims at the scene, to donating blood and food, to just being there to hold someone’s hand and provide support your response to this tragic situation typified what America is all about. You did all of this not for the money or for headlines; you did it because it typified the spirit of the heartland of America. You did it because it was the right thing to do.”

Countless letters from mayors across the country, and average citizens were sent to the people of Sioux City. Several newspapers, including the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, praised Siouxland. No matter how many years pass since this tragedy, Siouxland’s response will not be forgotten.

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