“Sioux City SUX” the next “Keep Austin Weird”


“Sioux City SUX” is the next “Keep Austin Weird”.  Sioux City has recently adopted this whole Sioux City SUX slogan.  It’s popping up all over town, on t-shirts, signs, etc.  Just the abbreviation “SUX” is increasingly popular.  If you fly in or out of town your airport code is “SUX”.  Some may think of this tag line as unflattering but its really isn’t all that bad.   The Sioux Gateway Airport is encouraging their code by there “Fly SUX” Advertising.  The slogan is a great way to remember your airport code, I bet its a lot easier to remember Sioux City’s code than others.

Before the Sioux City SUX, started there was the “Keep Austin Weird”.  This was a slogan that Austin adopted sometime around 2003.  The slogans purpose was just that, they didn’t want Austin to be perceived as this big commercialized, over- developed city.  The slogan helps people realize that Austin, no matter how much it grows like other metros, will still be unique.

These Slogans are great ways for our Cities to have a youthful and edgy feel.  The slogans are not made to bash or mock but to be fun and catchy.  Sioux City is doing well with its tag-lines Sioux City SUX, Fly SUX, Nightlife SUX, and possibly more to come.

The Intern


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