Sioux City Visitors Remind Us Why We Live Here


BlBridgeWhen you live in a certain place it’s easy to forget why your community is so special. Sometimes it takes a little gentle reminder to us all that we really do live in a  unique and entertaining tri-state area. See what some  county treasurers and deputies had to say about their recent trip to Sioux City. I think friendly and genuine Midwesterners is what makes us all so happy. 🙂

-Tracey from Cass County Iowa wrote:

It was awesome !! The food, the entertainment, the hosting, the meeting, and the hospitality of everyone! WOW Most of all your courthouse is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks so much for everything

-Doug from Jasper County Iowa wrote:

Job well done! I had visions of an old livestock town and I couldn’t have been any more incorrect in my assumptions! the renovated downtown is unbelievable and something that you should be very proud of.  The activities were well balanced and I will have many memories to share in the future.

-Carolyn from Shelby County Iowa wrote:

I am sure you have been inundated with emails bragging about your hospitality. It truly didn’t go unnoticed. My family and I get to Sioux City quite often.  However, I saw a side of Sioux City I had never seen before and probably never will again.  I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my family, staff, and friends about the many new things I was honored to participate in.  Thanks for showing Sioux City off to the rest of the state!

-Mary from Decatur County Iowa wrote:

Your courthouse and staff made [the] evening spectacular.  The Orpheum was the most beautiful building I have ever seen and the entertainment was great.

-Debbie from Clarke County Iowa wrote:

This was my first May conference as Clarke County Treasurer and I must say that the experience was even more wonderful than I ever imagined it would be.  I really had fun.

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