Take your Coffee with Cream and Networking


My first week as an intern is coming to an end and today I had my first outing. I attended a South Sioux City Chamber coffee event at the Northeast Community College Business and Industry Training Center. I really had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous to venture out from behind my computer desk. But once we arrived and had the chance to talk with a few business owners, I realized that the “Siouxland spirit” is alive in local businesses.

Everyone I talked to had such a passion for their industry, but beyond that, an overall pride for the Siouxland area. Networking events, such as these weekly coffee events hosted by the South Sioux City Chamber, offer local professionals the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other outside of the typical workspace. After meeting just a few individuals, it was apparent that they have an interest in other local businesses success just as much as their own.

It was exciting to hear about new ideas, plans, and happenings in the community. I hope to continue to be able to highlight these unique stories on the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce blog.

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