The Ghost From K.D. Station


photo courtesy of Mihela 816

Halloween is here and the Siouxland area has you covered for all your scary, spooky, frightening, chilling, eerie, ghostly, mysterious, uncanny, unearthly, weird, supernatural, alarming, ominous, fearful, and horrific fun.

We shall start this blog with a little story…

K D Station was constructed around 1915 as a meat-packing plant.  Its existence for that purpose was short-lived as it soon went bankrupt.  The building was then purchased by Swift and Co. who operated a packing operation in KD Station for many years.

A gas leak explosion back in 1949 killed a number of people and years later Swift moved out and a shopping center, bowling alley, a miniature golf course, and martial arts studio took its place.  It was the martial arts owner, who also worked in security that reported a number of strange occurrences…

Enter the ghost of KD Station…

One night, this owner proceeded to turn off the lights at KD Station.  These lights were the type that had to be unscrewed in order to be turned off.  He did just that, then proceeded to lock the doors in front of the building and as he walked away he glanced back at the building.

A flushed, white complexion changed the tone of his body and fear filled up his core as he saw that every single light had been turned back on.  He reported that there was no possible way that someone could screw the lights back in thirty minutes; let alone thirty seconds.  If a patron was still locked inside there were no on/off switches to give them light in the haunted building.  His fear refrained him from returning inside the premises that night and as he returned in the morning the lights were how he intended originally…Shut off.

The elevators seemed to have a mind of their own as well as they would make sounds of movement and yet they remained still.  Patrons, owners alike don’t deny that the ghost of KD Station has haunted the building for years.

Recently, the old building has seen a wrecking ball shatter the brick that once held area businesses.  Rhonda’s Speakeasy resides along the base line and as people roll in to enjoy a night of fun they see a building that once was.  These  customers have different accounts of the ghost that is looking for a new place to roam and as Halloween approaches Rhonda’s Speakeasy proves to be the closest thing to the supernatural that you’ll see….

If the ghost fails to show his shadow, Rhonda will have you lined up for other forms of chilling entertainment.

This week Rhonda’s will have two nights dedicated to Halloween.  The band “Stealing Mercury” will be playing both nights and Saturday night is the costume party.  They will be giving away $100 to the best costume and at midnight the band will be dressing up as Rhonda, Mac from Mac Behrs, and Rick Swanson form Chesterfield’s.

So come on out and enjoy your scary weekend at Rhonda’s Speakeasy!

Don’t forget as you enter or as you leave to pay attention to an old building adjacent from Rhonda’s.  With luck,  you just might see or hear a ghost that has been in KD Station for over 60 years.

Who knows what plans it has for the future?  It may be coming to a closet near you…

-Ian Banks-Social Media Intern


2 Responses to “The Ghost From K.D. Station”

  1. Steve Leonard

    Now these are the types of stories I like to see…:) Very good!

  2. Lani Pettit

    Swifts continued for many years after the explosion. And the KD Stockyards Station did not come along until the 70’s. What a fun place that was, while it lasted. I wonder whatever happened to the pythons?

    Too bad we didn’t get the Travel Channel out there with their paranormal people, before the wrecking ball came along. That would have been interesting….and good publicity for Sioux City.

    Nice article.