The Kitchen Incubator


You’re sitting around the family dinner table and mom made her special recipe tonight.  The one that all the women at work want, the one she won’t tell a soul and was probably passed down and then perfected from generation to generation.

The light bulb turns on.  Our big break!

The ideas start forming, the ball starts rolling, you’re head starts spinning, and you imagine how successful the recipe could be. Then, it drops on you like a ton of bricks.  You swiftly get discouraged, because you know nothing about building a product up from the grassroots.  Dad has told you time and time again, “Do you know how much it costs to start something like that? Taxes, overhead, inventory etc. these things cost money!”

The thoughts you had moments ago that seemed like Cortez’ gold, are now just worthless sandstone shattered into a million pieces.  If only you had a start up, someone who had a warehouse or a building to give this recipe some legs.Kitchen

I hope this scenario was amusing.  I also hope it is something you have all been through.

And now for a solution to this problem, the Kitchen Incubator. This certified kitchen can give your special recipe, spice, cream, flour etc.; the tools to get it off the ground.  Once your product gets going, and you raise enough capital, you can start a solid business with enough funds to buy your own facility to make and market the product. Thus creating jobs and economic growth. Get the concept?

The Siouxland Chamber is so excited about this great idea that its currently being evaluated and considered by economic arm of the Chamber, The Siouxland Initiative (TSI).  Right now, TSI is measuring the local demand for such a facility here in Siouxland!

VegetablesTSI could see the kitchen incubator having ties to the expertise of universities in the tri-state area.  The kitchen incubator would have a food preparation area that would take care of the certification process and would provide commercial-grade-equipment that can be used on a “pay for use” basis.

The kind of equipment included in the facility will depend largely on the demand of the entrepreneurs in the area wishing to give their product a chance to grow.  The kitchen incubator would also provide necessary business resources on an as-needed basis. Office space and shared office equipment, as well as warehousing space would all be part of the kitchen incubator facility.

This is your chance, embrace it…

If you have a food processing company in the start-up phase, or are interested in making your recipe a hit, please feel free to contact TSI for more information:

Joseph T. Wright

The Siouxland Initiative

Tel. 712-255-7903

Mobile 712-301-7421

Have a good day Siouxland!


5 Responses to “The Kitchen Incubator”

  1. steven leonard

    I have no recipe and I don’t cook. But this is a great idea and was a really fun and well-written blog.