Labor Market

Siouxland Regional Laborshed Survey & Analysis

The purpose of this Laborshed analysis is to measure the availability and characteristics of workers within the region by developing and conducting a telephone survey based on geographic principles. The Laborshed data generated will aid local development officials in their facilitation of industry expansion and recruitment and their service to existing industry in the area.

The fundamental goal of any Laborshed analysis is to estimate the potential availability of workers and determine how well the surrounding geographical areas are able to provide a stable supply of workers to the central Laborshed node.

Prior to applying the survey results for the Siouxland Laborshed area, it was necessary to estimate the size of the potential labor force between the ages of 18 and 64 by ZIP code and survey zone. A variety of U.S. Census Bureau, BLS, Iowa Workforce Development, and private vendor publications and data sets are used to estimate the size and demographic details of the potential labor force of the Siouxland Laborshed area.

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