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I’ve worked on cars for most of my life.
Scratches, chips, scrapes, and dents;
I’ve perfected ways to repair them all.
But there are some things I don’t
even try to fix.  Instead, I turn to the
team at the Siouxland Chamber
of Commerce and lean on their
experience to address business issues
that fall outside of my wheelhouse.

I’m George Tsiobanos, owner of
Sioux Body Shop and we’ve relied on
the Siouxland Chamber for professional
support for over two decades.



As an eye surgeon, my patients place their
complete trust and confidence in me to help
them see things clearly.  While my clients
depend on me, I have learned to depend on
the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce for
business and networking guidance so that
I can focus more time and attention on
my medical practice.

I’m Dr. Beth Bruening and if you want the
clarity and commitment my business enjoys,
you should contact the Siouxland Chamber.



At the Palmer Candy Company we’ve been
“Making Life Sweeter Since 1878.”  Believe
it or not, the Siouxland Chamber has been
around even longer than we have!  For over
140 years, the Chamber has been working to
help businesses grow and thrive.

All Siouxland businesses should join the
Chamber to help ensure their own growth and longevity.

I’m Marty Palmer, President of the Palmer Candy
Company, and the Siouxland Chamber is making
a positive difference in our community
each and every day.



As President of a social media agency, I strongly
suggest to clients to join the Siouxland Chamber.
Members are added to the Chamber’s website in
the largest business directory in Siouxland.
This is one of the easiest and most cost effective
ways to increase “search engine optimization”
due to the Chamber site’s high traffic and linking
back to your website.

I’m Beth Trejo, President of Chatterkick and
I recommend that your business join the
Siouxland Chamber of Commerce.



As President of an office equipment and
furniture company, I find my Chamber
membership invaluable.  It connects me with
all of the community’s successful businesses
that want my products.  The Chamber fights
for small businesses, like mine, at the local,
state and federal levels.

I’m Linda Fickbohm, President of Office
Elements.  Joining the Chamber makes good
business sense.

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